2017 Suicides Ordeal

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In the year 2017, IIT Kharagpur saw 5 student suicides. This is the highest number of suicides IIT Kharagpur witnessed in a single calendar year.

File:Keep them alive.jpg
Poster circulated within IIT Kharagpur following the numerous unfortunate suicides within the campus in 2017.

Open House with the Director in Oct 2017[edit | edit source]

Open House Video

This was the email sent by VP Mayank Srivastava right after the open house: http://archive.today/wV4Ol [1]

Coverage in Indian Media[edit | edit source]

The coverage of these suicides was limited to local and state-wide media organizations. There were no debates or editorial pieces written at any of the major publications in India about this unfortunate series of happenings. Several local edition articles reported the news on a timely manner though. [2][3][4]

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