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B. Tech.[edit | edit source]

# Question Answer Professor Year
1 Given page size, virtual mem size, phys mem size, what are the no.of entries in page table ? BM Sept 2017
2 Show how the mapping of virtual space to physical space is done BM Sept 2017
3 Tell me about Ethernet protocol JM Sept 2017
4 What is IP protocol JM Sept 2017
5 Explain on what dijkstra's algo depends on all pairs of vertices shortest paths. PB Sept 2017
6 Explain Dynamic Instruction scheduling RM Sept 2017
7 Questions on multiple level cache and single level cache, types of cache. Hit time, etc. RM Sept 2017
8 Networks: CSMA CD Carrier sense multiple access-Collision detection SKG Sept 2017
9 what is MAP? What is NDCG SB Sept 2017
10 What are all the addresses you've come across in networks? KSR Sept 2017
11 Is there are difference in the properties of the two addresses (MAC and IP)? KSR Sept 2017
12 How does the multiple network traffic that you generate on your devices work? How do all of them work parallely? KSR Sept 2017
13 Is IP guaranteed of delivery while sending a packet? (I'm paraphrasing, I don't remember the exact wording) KSR Sept 2017
14 How do you provide a guarantee of delivery in IP? KSR Sept 2017
15 What happens if duplicate packets are sent out the sender shuts down or something in the middle of transmission? KSR Sept 2017
16 Given two linked lists of numbers, give us the time complexity for checking if they are sorted and if they are, give us the complexity and pseudo-code for merging them PRM Sept 2017
17 What is encapsulation? What is abstraction? What is the difference between Object oriented and functional programming paradigms? DS Sept 2017
18 Explain access control thingies (public, protected, private) DS Sept 2017
19 Do you know ACID property in DBMS? Explain each term. DS Sept 2017
20 What is the diameter of a graph? Give an algorithm to find it. SC Sept 2017
21 What is support vector? Can you write the objective function for the SVM? SC Sept 2017
22 How will you optimize the objective function in SVM? DS Sept 2017
23 How many alpha's (Lagrange Coefficient) are there in SVM? DS Sept 2017
24 What will you do in case of non-linear case in SVM? DS Sept 2017
25 What kernels do you know of? What type of kernel will you choose for a data? DS Sept 2017
26 Do you know booth's multiplier? PrM Sept 2017
27 A question on compilers and which line does compile error occur for a given code. PrM Sept 2017
28 What is Gradient Descent? SD Sept 2017
29 Neural Networks are Generative or Discriminative? SD Sept 2017
30 Can neural network transform a non-linear decision boundary to linear boundar? SD Sept 2017
31 What is Maximum Likelihood Estimate? SD Sept 2017
32 Explain Diagonilazation. Basically, prove that we can’t map real numbers to N. RgM Sept 2017
33 Given, ax<b & c<dx = ac<bd. For which cases it will be true? SD Sept 2017
34 How can a process move from running to waiting? SD Sept 2017
35 What do you mean by interrupt. SD Sept 2017
36 What is ISR? What is it exactly? SD Sept 2017
37 How does the OS know an interrupt has occured? SD Sept 2017
38 What is a spanning tree. Give the exact definition. Are all the vertices connected? SPP Sept 2017
39 What is Minimum Spanning Tree? Which algos can you use for finding the MST? AM Sept 2017
40 So Kruskals is greedy. Prove that it will always give the minimum spanning tree. SPP Sept 2017
41 What is a Group? Can a group be infinite? (Discrete Structures) AM Sept 2017
42 Formula for precision and recall. NG Sept 2017
43 Why do we use Precision and Recall instead of Accuracy. NG Sept 2017
44 Give me a relation which is in 2NF but not in 3NF. (DBMS) SSural Sept 2017
45 Whats external fragmentation and internal fragmentation? (OS) PRM Sept 2017
46 So whats the best sorting algorithm you know ? DS Sept 2017
47 Sorting complexity for a comparator based sorting is Omega(nlogn) whats omega or rather explain all of them and can you prove it ? DS Sept 2017
48 Draw block diagram of Full Adder. PRM Sept 2017
49 Which gates are used in Half Adder? AH Sept 2017
50 Whether half adder is universal? DS Sept 2017
51 Derive AND gate using half adder. AH Sept 2017
52 Given three consecutive numbers 1st and 3rd are prime, prove 2nd is divisible by 6. DS Sept 2017
53 Draw an example of game tree with alpha beta prunning AH Sept 2017
54 Can we use SVM to classify non linear data? DS Sept 2017
55 What’s difference between Regression and classification? SC Sept 2017
56 Is SVM supervised or unsupervised? SC Sept 2017
57 Given 1 to n points on a line and it's permutation on a line below. Join the same points on two lines, how many intersection points you would have? PB Sept 2017
58 What type of problem is Vertex Cover PB Sept 2017
59 How would you find vertex cover for a graph? Do you know any approximation to solve it? PB Sept 2017
60 Is big-o an equivalence relation DS Apr 2017
61 In computational geometry tell me how to develop an algorithm. There will be two parts in any algorithm construction in CG. What is it? PRM Apr 2017
62 Do you know sweep line algorithm? What data structure do you use in sweep’s algorithm? PRM Apr 2017
63 In crypto what is full form of IND-CCA ? AD Apr 2017
64 Do u know any approximate algo for Set Cover problem? SS Apr 2017
65 what is Chinese remainder theorem AD Apr 2017
66 what is Markov decision process SS Apr 2017
67 What is segmented paging? DSam Apr 2017
68 Give a relation that lies in 2NF but not in 3NF DSam Apr 2017
69 do you know about Markov decision process? SS Apr 2017
70 write the objective function for SVM? SS Apr 2017
71 when do you use rbf kernel? SS Apr 2017
72 if a DFA is directed Acyclic graph what can you say about it? the language must be finite AD Apr 2017
73 what is PCB and why is it needed? SC Apr 2017
74 What is software interrupt and hardware interrupt? SC Apr 2017
75 example of software interrupt? SC Apr 2017
76 is scheduler a program and does it always run? SC Apr 2017
77 what is a dispatcher? SC Apr 2017
78 Is the the Emptiness property of a TM decidable? SD Apr 2017
79 What is the Emptiness problem? SD Apr 2017
80 What are some of the decidable properties of the TM? SD Apr 2017
81 tell me if it is decidable or not. Given a TM, decide if it accepts any string in k steps. SD Apr 2017
82 Solve this T(n) = 2T(n/3) + n RGM Apr 2017
83 Explain a B+ Tree PM Apr 2017
84 Are the keys in a node randomly arranged or there is a pattern? They are in sorted order with the keys between any two keys lying in the subtree between them. PM Apr 2017
85 Name some properties of B+ tree For a tree of order n, the keys in a node are from n/2 to n. PM Apr 2017
86 What is the advantage of a B+ tree over a B tree? CRM Apr 2017
87 How do you decide the order of B+ tree? PM Apr 2017
88 Given a language a^mb^nc^k, if I say that n = m+k, what language is it? PG Apr 2017
89 Given an arithmetic expression to evaluate, which notation would you use (Infix, Prefix or Postfix)? Postfix RM Apr 2017
90 Write down an expression in infix and try to come up with an algo to evaluate it. RM Apr 2017
91 What is the difference between an exception and an interrupt? RM Apr 2017
92 What is s/w interrupt? RM Apr 2017
93 Explain differences between public-key and private-key crypto DRC Apr 2017
94 Suppose you have a large image , ~10 MB, which one would you use? (Public vs private key) Private key DRC Apr 2017
95 give current standard public key and private key cryptosystems RSA - Public, AES- Private DRC Apr 2017
96 Draw the graph showing the fairness line, efficiency and how AIMD is used to get to the optimal point. NG Apr 2017
97 Explain what is Latent Semantic indexing and why is it used? AM Apr 2017
98 How do you find connected components using DFS? SPP Apr 2017
99 How do you find bi-connected components using DFS? SPP Apr 2017
100 Does Dijkstra’s algo use DFS? SPP Apr 2017
101 Given ∑ = {a,b}. How many strings can be generated? Infinite PG Apr 2017
102 Suppose Regular Languages are a set and anything that is not in Regular Languages is another set(Let us call it A). Is A closed under Complement and Intersection? PG Apr 2017
103 What is ambnck where k = m+n? It is context free PG Apr 2017
104 what is the difference between 3-NF and BCNF? SMishra Apr 2017
105 Okay what properties should it satisfy for it to be in 3-NF? SMishra Apr 2017
106 What is DHCP? SKG Apr 2017
107 What is contained in DHCP header? SKG Apr 2017
108 Why do I require MAC and IP addresses? SKG Apr 2017
109 Give two functions f1 and f2 such that f1 = O(f2) and f2 = O(f1) SSural Apr 2017
110 give two functions f3 and f4 such that f3 != O(f4) and f4 != O(f3) SSural Apr 2017
111 What is Group in Discrete Structures AM Apr 2017
112 What are isomorphic groups AM Apr 2017
113 If on of the isomorphic groups is commutative. Is the other commutative too? AM Apr 2017
114 You need a key to encrypt data. Where do you think it is generated? SSural Apr 2017
115 What is RSA? DRC Apr 2017
116 What is the size of TCP header? NG Apr 2017
117 What is that condition for perfect matching in bipartite graphs SPP Apr 2017
118 What is the running time for Ford-Fulkerson? SPP Apr 2017
119 what is a cut in a graph? PB Apr 2017
120 given a graph with G with vertices V and edges E , write the formal definition of a cut PB Apr 2017
121 what is a min cut? PB Apr 2017
122 what is a flow graph? PB Apr 2017
123 Is a flow graph directed or undirected? PB Apr 2017
124 Draw the state diagram for a process PSD Apr 2017
125 what is the difference between scheduler and dispatcher? PSD Apr 2017
126 how does a process migrate from waiting queue to ready queue. PSD Apr 2017
127 which type of interrupt is dividing by zero Software Interrupt PSD Apr 2017
128 explain how does a process go from running to ready queue. PSD Apr 2017
129 Give algo for detection of cycle in undirected, unweighted graph. PB Apr 2017
130 What is Parenthesis Theorem? (Graph Theory) PB Apr 2017
131 Say I open up Mozilla Firefox and open up some wikipedia page. Then, I click on some link in that page. So, is a new process spawning up or new thread. PSD Apr 2017
132 Name a turing award winner NG Apr 2017
133 Define a partial order relation NG Apr 2017
134 How is partial order relation different from Equivalence Relation NG Apr 2017
135 What is a total order relation NG Apr 2017
136 Do you know DAG? SPP Apr 2017
137 Can you relate DAG and POSET SPP Apr 2017
138 Given a graph , can you solve the problem of finding longest path in polynomial time? Is the problem NP-hard? SPP Apr 2017
139 What is any integer programming problem. SPP Apr 2017
140 What is the difference between IP and LP SPP Apr 2017
141 Suppose your clustering algorithm produces k-clusters. How will you evaluate it? AM Apr 2017
142 Draw the process state diagram SKG Apr 2017
143 How does a process go from running to ready state ? SKG Apr 2017
144 How does the processor know that it has received an interrupt ? SKG Apr 2017
145 Why are low pass and high pass filters used? SKG Apr 2017
146 Which filters are used for edge detection in images ? SKG Apr 2017
147 Given: Block size - 128 B, Main memory size - 1 GB, Cache size - 1 MB, Virtual address bits - 64; Compute the number of tag bits. RM Apr 2017
148 How is cache implemented. RM Apr 2017
149 What is a semaphore? What is its datatype? SKG Apr 2017
150 How will a person coding in C use the semaphore? SKG Apr 2017
151 Draw a network with one hidden layer. List all parameters. Write the equation of the output node PG Apr 2017
152 Write the formal definition of big O notation. PB Apr 2017
153 Ok now you are parsing C language. What type of language it is? Is it regular, context-free or context-sensitive? Context-free PPD Apr 2017
154 write an expression and try to give its production rules. Write the parse tree for the expression PPD Apr 2017
155 How do you represent a Graph. G=(V,E) JM Apr 2017
156 What is the relation between V and E sets (Graphs) E is subset of VxV JM Apr 2017
157 Define degree of a Graph. JM Apr 2017
158 What is the relation between number of edges and sum of degrees. JM Apr 2017
159 Define Eulerian Path JM Apr 2017
160 Define Path JM Apr 2017
161 Write down the encryption and decryption functions for RSA DRC Apr 2017
162 What does Euler’s totient function signify, write it’s expression. DRC Apr 2017
163 If the Euler’s totient function of n in RSA is known, then how would one break it. DRC Apr 2017
164 How do you establish a secured connection to a web server. SSural Apr 2017
165 How does HTTPS work? SSural Apr 2017
166 Who won the Turing Award this year? (2017) NG Apr 2017
167 What is a Lattice? (Discrete Structures) AM Apr 2017
168 Posets are represented by some diagrams. Show the GLB and LUB in those diagrams. AM Apr 2017
169 How do you find the shortest path in a DAG? SPP Apr 2017
170 Is every poset a lattice? No SPP Apr 2017
171 Is every lattice a poset? Yes SPP Apr 2017
172 How will you find kth smallest element in a min heap? SD Sept 2016
173 Given a number ‘a’, find all the elements smaller than a in a min heap. Complexity should be order of output size. SD Sept 2016
174 Heaps are used to create priority queues. Name an algorithm which uses priority queue. SD Sept 2016
175 Draw and explain the process state diagram. DRC Sept 2016
176 When does a process go into waiting, what is interrupt, how it comes back into ready queue and all that stuff. DRC Sept 2016
177 Why is Kruskal's Algorithm used? Explain the algorithm along with its time complexity. Is it NP? RgM Sept 2016
178 What is the time complexity of KMP algorithm for string matching? SB Sept 2016
179 Explain how will you find the longest common substring given two strings of length m and n. SB Sept 2016
180 State some page replacement algorithms. SB Sept 2016
181 Consider, I use LRU, is there a possibility that no computation is done and all the time is wasted in swapping pages? SB Sept 2016
182 What is Mean Averaged Precision? SB Sept 2016
183 Write the objective function in SVM? Hard margin vs soft margin. What is the zeta value if a positive point is on the negative side and vice versa SS Sept 2016
184 What is isolation? Example of a schedule which is not serializable. View Serializability and relation with Conflict Serializability ( i.e. All view serializable are conflict or not and vice versa) SSural Sept 2016
185 What is subnet mask and why is it used? SKG Sept 2016
186 Explain Big O and small o and differences. What’s the inference of g(n)=O(O(g(n))) PB Sept 2016
187 Activation Record from compilers. Scope of the variables, recursive calls, pointers, arrays in activation record. Write the AR for some random function. About global and local variables in AR. PrM Sept 2016
188 What kind of language is this. “a^i + b^j + c^k + d^l” such that i+j = k+l. Write the grammar for the above language. PG Sept 2016
189 give an example of a language that is not turing-recognizable. RMat Sept 2016
190 Is ATM recursively enumerable ? RMat Sept 2016
191 Do you know of a language that is not recursively enumerable? RMat Sept 2016
192 Explain Floyd Warshall’s algorithm. Does the order of nesting the for loops matter? What if I change i and j? SB Sept 2016
193 Give an example of a language that is CFG but not regular. SC Sept 2016
194 philosophy behind the pumping lemma RMat Sept 2016
195 In NLP why is smoothing is done on language models. What is the more problematic case? How do you resolve that? SB Sept 2016
196 V|) while vertex cover bound is 2? If we select the highest degree nodes and add them to vertex cover, what will be the bound achieved and explain SPP Sept 2016
197 How do you prove that SAT or 3-SAT is NP-hard ? Cook-Levin's Theorem SPP Sept 2016
198 How is routing done in IP Layer? SIT Sept 2016
199 What is serializability ? Diff btn view serializable and conflict serializable ? And how do you determine conflict serializability in a series of transactions? SIT Sept 2016
200 If a language is non-regular, its complement will also be non-reg. True or false? PG Sept 2016
201 What is the greedy step in dijkstra? PB Sept 2016
202 is insertion sort greedy? PB Sept 2016
203 You have a contiguous 2GB RAM? What are its advantages and disadvantages? PrM Sept 2016
204 How does DNS Server works? Explain in detail SSural Sept 2016
205 Give Algo to find maximum matching in bipartite graph? SSural Sept 2016
206 Give an Algo to find flow in the network? SSural Sept 2016
207 Explain a POS Tagging Algorithm. Naive, MaxEnt, Viterbi SSural Sept 2016
208 what is the problem of colouring for any graphs. Which class does it belong to? SSural Sept 2016
209 Tell me a standard method for Query expansion. Like psuedo relevance feedback. SSural Sept 2016
210 Give examples of a context-free language. Give its grammar. Give examples of a context-sensitive language. SPP Sept 2016
211 In the hierarchy of languages (Regular -> CFL -> CSL -> Recursive -> Recursively Enumerable), give reasons which of the ones are closed under complementation. SPP Sept 2016
212 What is MAC address? Why we use IP address if we have MAC address? SSural Sept 2016
213 What MAC layer protocol are we using in this PC connected to LAN? SSural Sept 2016
214 What is algorithm used in a 2 person game? SS Sept 2016
215 How would you go about using minimax search for chess? SS Sept 2016
216 What is branching factor in chess? SS Sept 2016
217 What is depth of search tree in a typical chess game? SS Sept 2016
218 What is monte carlo algorithm? SPP Sept 2016
219 Given a language aî b^j c^k. What are the conditions under which it can be context free. PG Sept 2016
220 Closure properties of CFL. PG Sept 2016
221 show counter-example for intersection and complementation. PG Sept 2016
222 What is Normalization? Types of Normalization? Transaction? PrM Sept 2016
223 NLP, Given a corpus, find similarity between 2 words ? PG Sept 2016
224 What class does the language a^i b^j, i!=j belong to? Is it regular? PG Sept 2016
225 What is vertex cover? What problem do you reduce it to to show NP completeness? What approximation algo do you know for i PB Sept 2016
226 What is Maximal Matching? PB Sept 2016
227 Do you know Las vegas Quicksort? f you use randomized quicksort, it will be las vegas. PB Sept 2016
228 What if i use a greedy strategy of picking the maximum degree node? PB Sept 2016
229 Explain min and max cut algo. PB Sept 2016
230 Use a randomized algorithm to create a Height balanced Binary Search Tree PB Sept 2016
231 What is a Language ? Given an alphabet sigma = {0,1} how will you represent a language? RgM Sept 2016
232 What is the difference b/w language and a problem in FLAT sense? RgM Sept 2016
233 What is the use of languages in solving problems? RgM Sept 2016
234 What is a recursive enumerable language? What is recursive language? RgM Sept 2016
235 What is a pipe ? What is a shared Memory ? also discuss about how you'll create/use them ? What are their differences ? SB Sept 2016
236 What is the size of Virtual Memory ? SB Sept 2016
237 How many entries are there in that page table ? Actual available memory might be less than Virt. Mem (2^32), so there'll be a check if it is in memory bounds, and hence we'll have less no. of entries SB Sept 2016
238 What is L2 regularization ? and why do we need it ? SB Sept 2016
239 How will changing lambda affect the complexity? How will the testing error change? SB Sept 2016
240 Is scheduler a process and does it compete for CPU time? PSD Sept 2016
241 draw the process state diagram and explain where scheduler fits PSD Sept 2016
242 draw the transaction state diagram from DBMS PM Sept 2016
243 what are the ACID properties in transactions? Atomicity,Isolation,consistency,durability PM Sept 2016
244 There is 1000 credits in your account and the amount in your account has to be at least 500 and two transactions happen one credits 1000 and on debits 800. Which property fails if debit occurs first? Consistency PM Sept 2016
245 In the credit transaction if 1000 is debit from friends account but 1000 is not credit in your account. Which property failed? Atomicity PM Sept 2016
246 Implement ABC’+AB’C+ABC using a multiplexer(say 4x1) DRC Sept 2016
247 epsilon)*1*)* what kind of string this regex generates ? NG Sept 2016
248 what is NAT ? NG Sept 2016
249 What is recurrence relation ? JM Sept 2016
250 What is time complexity of quicksort ? worst O(n^2), best and avg. O(nlog(n)) NG Sept 2016
251 What does it mean when we say f(n) = O(g(n)) It’s upper asymptotic bound NG Sept 2016
252 draw truth table for a->b . NG Sept 2016
253 One more, what happens when there is hardware interrupt ? pipeline (IF-ID-EXE-MEM-WB) is flushed for that particular instruction: JM Sept 2016
254 Explain Leaky-Bucket Protocol. Where/Why is it used? Which layer? NG Sept 2016
255 What are the different layers in the model? JM Sept 2016
256 Tell me a protocol used in Network Layer and Transport Layer. NG Sept 2016
257 What is TCP and What is UDP NG Sept 2016
258 Is TCP a dedicated connection? NG Sept 2016
259 Tell me about LALR Parser. NG Sept 2016
260 what are the two actions in the parser? Why does it look ahead? NG Sept 2016
261 Okay, explain about SLR and LR(1) Parsers. NG Sept 2016
262 Tell me what happens in a microprocessor when a hardware interrupt occurs. from microprocessor side. JM Sept 2016
263 How is an instruction executed in a processor JM Sept 2016
264 How does the processor know what instruction to execute JM Sept 2016
265 What happens to PC when an interrupt occurs. JM Sept 2016
266 I’ll give you a CFL. Write its Grammar. He gives ambncm+n NG Sept 2016
267 What is the virtual memory? SB Sept 2016
268 What is a semaphore? Can a semaphore be implemented using shared memory? SB Sept 2016
269 Explain Prim’s Algo RgM Sept 2016
270 Do you know what ambiguous grammer is? What kind of problem is it? Is it NP or P? SSL Sept 2016
271 What is NP complete? RgM Sept 2016
272 What is NP and NP-hard? RgM Sept 2016
273 How do you prove if a problem is NP-complete? SB Sept 2016
274 Example of problem not in NP? RgM Sept 2016
275 Is SVM generative or discriminative? SB Sept 2016
276 Is K-means fuzzy clustering or ___ clustering? SB Sept 2016
277 What is the time complexity of K-means ? SB Sept 2016
278 what are support vectors ? SC Sept 2016
279 What are the parameters to measure the performance of memory access? RM Sept 2016
280 Write the formula for AMAT. RM Sept 2016
281 What is the advantage of segmentation over paging? BM Sept 2016
282 Who generates the segments? What happens to the address in a branch op when it is loaded in the memory CRM Sept 2016
283 what is the number of graphs on n vertices? RM Sept 2016
284 How would you find the first one in a sequence of 0, 1s parallely? time and work complexity? DM Sept 2016
285 what do you mean by a problem is NP complete? CRM Sept 2016
286 do you think 2-SAT is NP-complete? CRM Sept 2016
287 Can you necessarily say that 2-SAT is NP-complete? CRM Sept 2016
288 Can you find an algorithm for deciding 2-SAT? CRM Sept 2016
289 write an unsatisfiable 2-SAT formula. CRM Sept 2016
290 What is equivalence? What does an equivalence relation do to a set? SS Sept 2016
291 How do you represent a relation in code? SS Sept 2016
292 Find equivalence classes in a given matrix SS Sept 2016
293 What is Page Table ? How is it used, how is it represented? AP Sept 2016
294 What is Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree, Worst case complexity of Binary Search Tree. What is meant by balanced binary tree? AG Sept 2016
295 What is in CPU? DS Sept 2016
296 Give an example of kernel process DS Sept 2016
297 What is a context free grammar? How is it different from context sensitive? SS Sept 2016
298 Draw CFG for language with equal no. of a’s and b’s. SS Sept 2016
299 how many sorting algorithms do you know? Explain which one would you apply given any random input. AG Sept 2016
300 Ok tell me what would you choose if you don’t know about array size or its distribution? AG Sept 2016
301 What is a hardware interrupt? AP Sept 2016
302 What is perplexity? What does it signify? PG Sept 2016
303 Suppose you are told that a language model has a perplexity of 100. What can you say about that language model? It will give an idea about how confused the language is in predicting an unseen test case PG Sept 2016
304 What is Kneser-Ney smoothing ? PG Sept 2016
305 Given a language a^ib^jc^k what are the possibilities when you can say that it is regular? PG Sept 2016
306 write the recursive function for preorder traversal PrM Sept 2016
307 How many relations possible for set of size k? DS Sept 2016
308 How many reflexive relations possible? SS Sept 2016
309 It partitions the set into an equivalence partition? Define properties of that partition? SS Sept 2016
310 Define Speed-up of a k stage pipeline? AP Sept 2016
311 What’s critical region? (OS) DS Sept 2016
312 What are the properties that needs to be satisfied for safe access to CS by different processes? DS Sept 2016
313 Explain functionalities of a semaphore. What are requirement for these functions? DS Sept 2016
314 How is timer implemented in a computer? Where is timer situated? Inside cpu? Outside cpu? Inside disk drive? Where? AG Sept 2016
315 What is a poset? Poset is partially ordered set of elements related with a relation which is antisymmetric. NG Sept 2016
316 What is edit distance? JM Sept 2016
317 Consider a collection of functions on real numbers, such that fRg if g = O(f) (R is a relation). Is this relation a POSET? SSL Sept 2016
318 So can you tell me the whole sequence of events that happens when you type in browser. SSL Sept 2016
319 Do you know Euler’s Algorithm? what is the running time of this algorithm? If I follow a naive approach of iterating over the numbers and checking GCD, what will be running time? RMat Sept 2016
320 What is the memory representation of a process? SB Sept 2016
321 What is fork call? When you call fork what actually happens? SB Sept 2016
322 now tell me where are file pointers stored for a process? Sept 2016
323 Tell me about graph traversals algo and their worst case running time. SM Sept 2016
324 so suppose you are given a DAG. How would you find shortest distance between two nodes. what if edge cost are not 1. SPP Sept 2016
325 Does Dijktra work for directed graph? SPP Sept 2016
326 how will you find longest distance between two nodes SPP Sept 2016
327 What is hamoltanian path, how will you find hamoltanion path in a graph. Which problem would you reduce to get hamoltanion path. SPP Sept 2016
328 So a process is running what will happen if i press ctr-c. Whih signal will be passed. SIGINT SC Sept 2016
329 So in round robin scheduling what happens when time quanta expires. Who will preempt the process? SC Sept 2016
330 Design a 16bit adder. RSC Sept 2016
331 Write Five stages of MIPS pipeline. RM Sept 2016
332 Write types of hazard. Why hazard happens? Give me some examples. How would you overcome them ? RM Sept 2016
333 something about Dynamic Instruction Scheduling. RM Sept 2016
334 What is Lamport’s Clock ? BM Sept 2016
335 Why do we use vector clocks ? BM Sept 2016