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Fresent [1] is a Software Company specialised in SaaS-based products.

Type Software Company
Founded 2021
Headquarters Wyoming, USA
Key people Abhishek Anand

History[edit | edit source]

Fresent is an American company, founded in 2021 by Abhishek Anand in Wyoming, USA, that runs multiple SaaS products like Mutant Mail, KnowMySite, and It started as a services company and has now diversified into software products and SaaS.

With its unique strategy of running lifetime deals, Fresent has been able to build a sustainable running SaaS business without catering to Venture funds.

Notable Features[edit | edit source]

"Fresent" came into lime-light after their product Mutant Mail hit the market. The SaaS product is a unique idea for email management and was appreciated by customers looking for a similar solution[2]

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