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Meeting 15th April 2017[edit source]

Time and venue: Software Engineering Lab, CSE Department. 5 PM.


  • Siddharth Kannan
  • Ayush Goyal
  • Rohan Sharan

Minutes[edit source]

  • The present server setup was explained to Ayush
  • Rohan joined late and was there for the discussion on the security software installed on the server and a primer on how DNS records work
  • The server crashed in between and it was solved by powering off the server and powering it back on from the Digital Ocean dashboard
  • Detailed notes about everything that was discussed was made by Ayush (I will ask him to update the same on the Metakgp:SysAdmin page for later visibility)
  • Plans were made to meet again on Tuesday evening so that everyone involved could setup their own instance of a Mediawiki and get a feel for the setup.

Aux Notes[edit source]

List of packages[edit source]

  1. parsoid : Visual editor
  2. mysql: Database
  3. elastic search:
  4. newrelic
  5. redis

Security Packages[edit source]

  1. psad - Port Scan Auto Detect
  2. ufw - Universal Firewall
  3. logwatch