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Suggestions/pointers on the project:

  • Don't start with an interview. It's too rigid, too formal. Good oral histories come from participants who are free, loose, casual.
  • Start with a random anecdote. Something short, something that won't take their time. Keep going back to them. This way, you become someone who comes to them for stories, and you'll cultivate a bunch of sources who love talking to you. Once there's this degree of familiarity, then you can do a more long interview.
  • Be nice. Find a way to remunerate their time. Bring them food, or something.
  • The oral history project may not have the objectivity a Wiki desires. But that shouldn't be cause for hesitation - some story is better than nothing. And, if it's glaringly wrong enough, let's hope someone pops up to offer a counter.
  • You may end up interviewing profs too. Just saying.

--Whiplash (talk) 21:47, 14 September 2015 (IST)