2016 Gymkhana Elections Voter Fraud in Azad Hall

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In the Gymkhana elections conducted during Spring 2016, voter fraud to the tune of 300-400 votes was detected in Azad Hall of Residence.

Methodology[edit | edit source]

Votes were cast on behalf of some of the boarders of the hall. When these boarders went to cast their votes in the evening, they were told tumhara vote daal diya hain, abhi chale jao.

Informing the election coordinator[edit | edit source]

After noticing this, an application was written by one of the fourth years from Azad Hall. This application was signed by ~16 people from the hall who faced the same situation. This application was submitted in person to the election coordinator for the year.

No further action was taken.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The elections, which elected Shovan Panigrahi as the Vice President of Gymkhana, were considered to be valid. No re-elections were organized.

From the next election season, i.e from Spring 2017, voting was centralized. All students are now required to go to the Gymkhana or one of the other polling centers to cast their vote. Polling booths are no longer established at the halls of residences.