AG60023: Dairy And Food Processing Operations- I

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Course name Dairy And Food Processing Operations- I
Offered by Agricultural & Food Engineering
Credits 4
L-T-P 3-1-0
Previous Year Grade Distribution
Semester Autumn

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

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Overview of mechanical operations carried out in dairy and food processing. Particle size analysis and as in spray dryer and gravity separator. Pneumatic conveying of solid foods. Pressure drop and flow rate of air in fixed and fluid bed drying. Filtration of food. Slurry - filter medium and cake resistances. Filtration equipments. Size separation through sieving. Particle movement in sediment and centrifugal settling tank. Solid bowl and disc bowl centrifuges. Operation of cyclone separator and self cleaning centrifuge. Agitation and mixing of liquid foods, powders and pastes. Drag and pressure flow mechanisms in screw press and extruder. Material handling system and device in food processing plants. Design of screw, bucket, belt, oscillating vibratory conveyors. Refrigerated transport and transportation in insulated containers.

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