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The IIT Kharagpur Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team (Team AUV) is a student group working in the field of autonomous underwater robotics. The team designs and builds fully autonomous underwater robots for research and competitive purposes.

The team works under the guidance of Dr C.S. Kumar (Professor,Mechanical Department),Vishwanath Nagarajan(Assistant Professor, Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture).

Team History

TEAM AUV traces its origin to December, 2010 when a group of students from varied engineering streams like computer science, electrical, mechanical and ocean engineering came together to deploy their skills . Since then, the team has been involved in the development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). The team developed its first vehicle ‘Kraken 1.0’ in June 2011, overcoming hurdles like cost, manufacturability, efficient design and limited time. The team then went on to win the first ever national event on AUVs at NIOT and participated in the 14th international AUVSI ROBOSUB Competition in San Diego, USA.

As a first time participant, the team matched up to more established teams and cleared the qualifying round. The performance and efforts of the team were recognized and appreciated by the judges.The team is determined to develop cutting-edge technology to overcome challenges and perform better. With better resources, experience and the able guidance of the research group involved in the development of the very first AUV of India, the team is working with zeal and enthusiasm to surpass the achievements of previous years.

Currently in 2019, the AUV team is working on "Kraken 4.0".

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