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The Branding and Relations Cell (BARC), IIT Kharagpur

The Branding and Relations Cell (BARC) is a student body under the aegis of the Office of Alumni Affairs and International Relations committed to positioning and branding IIT Kharagpur as a global leader in the field of research, technology and higher education. At BARC, we evaluate public attitudes towards IIT Kharagpur, identify policies and procedures of the institute with stakeholder interest, and plans and executes programs to earn understanding and acceptance. Essentially, we build the IIT Kharagpur brand that lets the world recognise us, know what to expect from us and puts across to the world ‘dedicated to the service of the nation’. We are the bridge between IIT Kharagpur and the target market of the brand which comprises of aspirants and students, faculties in India and abroad, the media that shapes perspective, ranking institutions and governments.

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