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Starting from the second semester at the end of each semester, a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) will be computed for every student as follows:

  • When a student gets the grade ‘F’ in any subject during a semester, the SGPA and the CGPA from that semester onwards will be tentatively calculated, taking only ‘zero points’ for each such ‘F’ grade. After the ‘F’ grade(s) has/have been substituted by better grades during a subsequent semester, the SGPA and the CGPA of all the semesters, starting from the earliest semester in which the ‘F’ grade has been updated, will be recomputed and recorded to take this change of grade into account.
  • Conversion of CGPA into percentage Marks: In the case of a specific query by students/employers regarding the conversion of CGPA into percentage marks, the following formula will be adopted for notional conversion of CGPA into percentage marks. Formula : % Marks = CGPA*10

How to Calculate CGPA Result?[edit | edit source]

CGPA result is the sum of results of more than one semester or year. GPA results of multiple semesters or years are divided together to show a single result and that is the CGPA result. The CGPA result is calculated by multiplying the credit score of each subject by multiplying all the grade scores by the total credit score. But you can easily get your CGPA result using CGPA-Calculator.

References[edit | edit source]

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