Courier services in the campus

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There are many courier service insides the campus. One may come across the need to avail courier facilities in Kharagpur due to the weight-restraints on flights, or carry sports goods or other instance.

Sending package from the campus[edit | edit source]

There are following courier services in Kharagpur:

  1. India post : It is located near the sbi office, next to the main gate of IITKGP. Though they usually dont provide you with boxes to pack your stuff
  2. DTDC : It is located behind HMC office. It has good fast services, provide with packing material though costlier than Indian post
  3. Blue Dart : It is located near CCD, next to Baskin Robbins.
  4. First FLight : It is located in Tech market. It has good cost value for sending sports goods.

Receiving packages in the campus[edit | edit source]

All the courier services deliver your package inside the campus, alternatively you can also collect it from their respective offices