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Maths dept

Department of Mathematics at IIT Kharagpur was established in 1951. It is one of the earliest department of IIT Kharagpur. Since its inception, this department has been actively engaged in teaching and research in various disciplines of Mathematical Sciences. Department offers various courses related to pure mathematics and computer science. Graduates from this department have proved their excellence in both academia and industry.

Courses[edit | edit source]

Department of Mathematics offers many courses related to pure mathematics , applied mathematics and computer science. It offers degree in 6 programs carried out by department.

M.Sc(5 yr) Mathematics and Computing[edit | edit source]

In order to cater to the needs of producing computer software professionals with strong foundation in mathematical analysis, logic and discrete mathematical structures, 5-Year M.Sc. program in Mathematics and Computing was started replacing the 5-year Integrated M.Sc. program in Mathematics (through the relentless effort of Prof. G. P. Bhattacharjee) to train bright students in the field of Computer Science with strong mathematical background. Curriculum for this course includes intensive mathematics and computer science related disciplines. Admission to this course is done on basis of IIT-JEE ranking. This is one of the most prestigious program and has been tremendously successful in placements of it's graduate in both academia and industry.

M.Sc. Statistics and Informatics (upto 2008 admissions)[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this new courses on Statistics and Informatics is primarily to prepare the students with in-depth knowledge of various branches of Statistics together with applications using modern tools of Informatics .After successful completion of the course, they may be holding positions in various companies dealing with IT, finance, bioinforamtics, medical informatics, research and development organizations, etc. The course is also designed to prepare students for further graduate work at the Ph.D. level, which in turn prepares students for research level careers in Statistics whether in industry, government, or academia.

M.Sc.(2 yr) - Mathematics (upto 2008 admissions)[edit | edit source]

2-Year M.Sc. programme in Mathematics was also introduced from the session 1999-2000. This course is designed to train the graduates from various universities and colleges for taking up advance studies in different areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Operations Research or taking up jobs in government / private organizations

M.Sc.(2 yr) - Statistics and Informatics (upto 2008 admissions)[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this new courses on Statistics and Informatics is primarily to prepare the students with in-depth knowledge of various branches of Statistics together with applications using modern tools of Informatics.

M.Sc. Ph.D. Dual Degree - Mathematics (with effect from 2009 admissions)[edit | edit source]

M. Tech. Computer Science & Data Processing[edit | edit source]

The successful students of this new Postgraduate programm are getting suitable job offers from various R and D organizations and software companies.

Research Projects[edit | edit source]

Intensive research in several fields of mathematics and computer science is going on in this department. Research Project spans pure mathematics , applied mathematics , quantum mechanics , algorithms ,graph theory etc.

Notable Students[edit | edit source]

Professors[edit | edit source]

Name Designation Research interests
Mahendra Prasad Biswal Professor Fuzzy Programming; Game Theory and applications; Multi Choice Programming; Stochastic Programming; Uncertain Programming
Umesh Chandra Gupta Professor Queueing Theory; Statistics; Stochastic Modelling
Somnath Bhattacharyya Professor, Head of the Department Computational Fluid Dynamics; Micro-/nanofluidics Modeling
Debjani Chakraborty Associate Professor Fuzzy logic and its applications; Fuzzy Optimization
Adrijit Goswami Professor Operations Research and Theoretical Computer Science
Dharmendra Kumar Gupta Professor Constraint Satisfaction Problems; Numerical Analysis and Computer Science
Vinay Kumar Jain Professor Zeros of polynomials and analytic functions & Extremal problems of polynomials
Somesh Kumar Professor Entropy Estimation; Estimation Theory; Estimation under Constraints; Experimental Designs; Quantum Information and Computation; Reliability

Estimation; Statistical Data Analysis; Statistical Decision Theory

Rajnikant Pandey Professor
Raja Sekhar G P Professor Boundary integral methods for viscous flows; Mass transfer in porous biologocal pellets
Anjan Sarkar Professor Probabilistic Robotics; Remote Sensing Image Analysis; Statistics
Parmeshwary Dayal Srivastava Professor Functional Analysis & Cryptography; Fuzzy Sequence Space
Bhawani Sankar Panda Professor Algorithmic Graph Theory, Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms
Bappaditya Bhowmik Assistant Professor Geometric function theory (Complex Analysis); Harmonic and Quasiconformal Mappings; Several Complex Variables
Vasudeva Rao Allu Assistant Professor Complex Analysis; Harmonic Mappings (in the Plane); Univalent Function Theory
Debapriya Biswas Assistant Professor
Asish Ganguly Assistant Professor Mathematical & Theoretical Physics; Non-linear Evolution Equation in Real & Complex Domain; Quantum Mechanics; Soliton Theory and Inverse Scattering Transformation
Rupanwita Gayen Assistant Professor Integral equations; Linear water waves
Koeli Ghoshal Assistant Professor Grain-size distribution in suspension over erodible sediment bed; Mathematical Modelling on turbulent flow with sediment; Study on secondary current
Nitin Gupta Assistant Professor Mathematical Statistics; Reliability Theory
Jitendra Kumar Assistant Professor Numerical mathematics; Numerical solutions of integro-partial differential equations; Particle Technology
Pawan Kumar Associate Professor Graph Theory
Sourav Mukhopadhyay Assistant Professor Algebric attack on stream ciphers; Cryptanalysis on symmetric cipher; Digital rights management; Key management in wireless adhoc network; Key Pre-Distribution (KPS) in sensor network
Geetanjali Panda Associate Professor Convex Optimization; Numerical Optimization; Optimization with uncertainty
Chandal Nahak Associate Professor Algebra; Applied Functional Analysis and Optimization; Fractional Calculus; Numerical Optimization
Gnaneshwar Nelakanti Associate Professor Approximate solutions of operator equations; Inverse and ill-posed problems; Spectral approximation of integral operators
Pratima Panigrahi Associate Professor Combinatorics; Graph Theory
T. Raja Sekhar Assistant Professor Hyperbolic System of Conservation Laws; Lie Group Analysis for Quasilinear Hyperbolic System of Partial Differential Equations
Swanand Ravindra Khare Assistant Professor Numerical Linear Algebra, Chemometrics

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