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Developers' Society
Founded 2022 (2022)
Under TSG Yes

The Developers’ Society is an initiative by the Tech Team, Technology Students’ Gymkhana, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur,  to foster and encourage the software development culture at IIT Kharagpur. Ideated as a group of developers of the institute, the society is responsible for developing and maintaining applications valuable to the student community as well as fostering the software development culture of the institute.

Background[edit | edit source]

In view of improving the eaning development culture at IIT Kharagpur, the Tech Team, Technology Students' Gymkhana, in the academic session 2022-23, laid the groundwork for the foundation of the Developers' Society.

Motive and Aim[edit | edit source]

In light of the need to improve existing applications and the potential for automating various workflows on campus, the Developers’ Society aims to bring together a group of individuals who are motivated and interested in developing new applications that benefit the student community and hence, encourage the software development culture in IIT Kharagpur.

The Developers’ Society aims to:

  • Support the software development culture of IIT Kharagpur.
  • Promote and impart programming skills, technologies and frameworks.
  • Foster good programming practices in the student developers’ community.
  • help Technology Students’ Gymkhana develop projects aimed at improving the student community and, therefore, the technological advancement of IIT Kharagpur.

Teams and Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

  1. Development Team :
  2. Finance and Operations Team :
  3. Outreach Team :

Current Heads[edit | edit source]

Name Position
Kunal Verma Executive Head
Nabhya Khoria Finance and Operations Head
Gaurav Sresth Finance and Operations Head
Sai Kalyan Outreach Head
Tushar Kanwaria Outreach Head
Tejas Ambhore Development Head
Nilesh Das Development Head
Vaibhav Mohite Development Head
Aman Kumar Development Head
Shivesh Chaturvedi Development Head
Nishakar Kumar Development Head

Projects and Activities[edit | edit source]

The current projects implemented under Developers' Society are:

  1. ApnaInsti :