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Dream-a-bot was an initiative by Technology Robotix Society started in March 2012 to kick-start the shift from hobby robotics to robotics research at IIT Kharagpur. It started with a call for proposals open to all students to propose projects which could be funded by Technology Robotix Society.

Selected Proposals[edit | edit source]

  1. Quadrotor Project - Aerial Robotics Kharagpur started as a Dream-a-bot initiative with an initial budget of INR 10,000 in one of the wings of MS Hall. Multiple students from different departments were involved. It was mentored by Chaitanya Bayanwala, then fourth year, Department of Physics.
  2. Gait Based Identification of People - A project was proposed by Kumar Krishna Agarwal using Microsoft Kinect to use human gait to uniquely identify people. A lot of efforts and time was spent to prove the concept using Microsoft Kinect but multiple hurdles ultimately caused it to be shut down.

Consequences[edit | edit source]

Dream-a-bot had its stint for two years and was shut down after that due to lack of interest of the organising body.