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Course details:

Timetable: Since its open slot. Two days a week, a 1.5 hour class is held. Mostly between 6 and 8 PM.

Content: Mainly focused on discussing Auditory and Visual pathways. How sound is perceived - from vibrations transduced at Cochlea to perception at Auditory Cortex. Along with biology, the mechanism at different stages is also discussed. For example, how do we identify elevation of the sound source. A lot of stuff is interesting, if you attend the classes. Touch, Taste and Smell are also discussed in brief in the last classes. This is more like engineering ideas applied in biology. Prof teaching style and pace are really good. You can take the course if you are curious about brain/perception or want to explore neuroscience.

Load: There is a project which is slightly loaded. But the solutions are available online. Exams are open book. You need to have a good clarity of concepts to answer the question paper.