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Technology Dramatics Society: ENCORE
Activities Theatre
Under TSG Yes

Technology Dramatics Society: ENCORE is the institute's official English Dramatics Society. It was earlier referred to as the 'English Technology Dramatics Society', ETDS in short. It is under the Technology Students' Gymkhana and is a part of the Dramatics Subcommittee under the Social and Cultural Committee.


Selection Procedure[edit]

ENCORE selection auditions are held once per year, only for first years, in August for an active membership for all four/five years. The society selects a batch of 30-40 first years (UG) and 5-10 (PG) at the beginning of the academic year soon after the welcome production. Selection procedure consists of tasks that judge voice modulation, intensity, speech and diction, confidence and acting skills.

In rare cases, exceptional and highly enthusiastic people are also inducted into ENCORE who share a similar passion of theater and contribute to the society. Past members who were inducted include Kaustabh Khare.

The Governors for the year 2015-16

Organizational Structure[edit]

ENCORE has four governors selected by the society seniors every year who govern the society and represent it in the Gymkhana. Overall co-ordination during productions, outstations and competitions are handled by the governors.

List of Activities[edit]

Cut by Ed Monk was performed for the welcome production for the year 2015-16.

Welcome Production[edit]

Within two weeks of the Autumn Semester starting, ENCORE performs its first production of the year. The cast ranges from second years to fifth years. Over the years it has been observed that ENCORE generally picks up comical plays and sketch comedy to entertain the freshers. This is also the first time the Governors for the new tenure are introduced to KGP.

An Impromptu act by Mudit Rustagi and Kartikeya Pradhan for the Welcome Production by Encore in 2013.
Monoacting the invisible man by Mayank Das.

Freshers' Workshop[edit]

The freshers are given a thorough training of theatre oriented workshops that teaches them the basics of dramatics. Skills like voice modulation, voice intensity, dramatization, body posture, stage movements, third forms, etc are taught in groups. First years along with the four governors train for three weeks at the Vikramshila Foyer (commonly reffered to as Baap Ki Jagah by the ENCORE fraternity). Occasional skits, monologues and challenging impromptu are attempted to improve the versatility of the actor. For tenures in which a PG Batch was also inducted, seperate worshops are conducted for them.

Freshers' Production[edit]

The freshers' production in 2015-16.

The Governors with the help of the entire society train the first years and with rigourous practice put up a production, with the entire cast being first years. For tenures in which a PG Batch was also inducted, a seperate production is done by them.

Nukkad Natak[edit]

Nukkad Natak is the only event during the entire year, when ENCORE does a play / street play in Hindi. Only the first years take part in the Nukkad Natak competition organized during SpringFest.


The final monologue by Leela Benare played by Abhivyakti Dixit.

ENCORE also participates annualy in the Stage Play event of SpringFest i.e. Rangmanch. This is the only time when it prepares two versions of the same play, a teaser-trailer and a full-fledged version.


The last act of the year (reffered to as the Annual Production) is performed during End-March to Early-April. The Annual Production sees the most diverse crowd play together.

List of Plays[edit]

File:Encore caligari outstation.jpg
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari performed by ETDS at NLS Bangalore.

List of Governors[edit]

2018-19 Chiranjeev Singh Rathore (CE '21) Kartik Tyagi (AR '21) Krutarth Dharmesh Shah (IE '20) Suyash Sharma (CE '21)
2017-18 Indresh (BT '20) Gauri Pathak (AR '20) Abhinav Kumar (GG '20) Apurv Dave (ME '19)
2016-17 B K Vibhava (AE '19) Shilpi Jindal (BT '18) Varun A B (ME '18) Shivam Kumar (MF '18)
2015-16 Arun Patro (EE '18) Aakanksha Sangwan (PH '18) Divyansh Gupta (CS '18) Shivam Mehrotra (EX '18)
2014-15 Ketan Ingle (MT '17) Twinkle Soni (CY '17) Abhinav Pandey (GG '17) Alekhya Munagala (MA '17)
2013-14 Alipt Doshi (AE '16) Nayrhit Bhattacharya (IM '16) Sourya Mukherjee (BT '15) Abhivyakti Dixit (BT '16)
2012-13 Siddharth Srivastava (EC '15) Soumya Pasumarthy (AR '15) Mallika Prasad (AG '15) Mohit Gupta (GG '15)
2011-12 Kushal Mirpury (GG '14) Mohd. Usman (MF '14) Vikram Voleti (EE '14) Deepali Gupta (AE '13)
2010-11 Rohit Chotai (MF '12) Vardhanam Daga (GG '13) Hridya Ravimohan (NA '12) Vivek Nautiyal (EE '12)
2009-10 Achilles Edwin Alfred Saxby Somnath Meher Aditya Mani Jha Shobana Santhanagopalan (AR '11)
2008-09 Hardika Dayalani (NA '10) Mayank Kedia (PH '11) Nandam Karthik Shaunak Laad
2007-08 Abhas Saroha (PH '10) Jimi Adhikari Soumen Goswami Toshe Prasad
2006-07 Asha Parekh Kumar Abhinav Rajiv Agarwal
2005-06 Aditi Amrita Sarangi Dawn Thomas Siddartha Sherpa
2004-05 Anant Singh

Awards and Achievements[edit]

Competition Year Position Additional
Stage Play, Inter-IIT Cultural Meet, IIT Bombay 2016 Silver
Nukkad, Inter-IIT Cultural Meet, IIT Bombay 2016 Silver
Rangmanch, Spring Fest, IIT KGP 2016 Bronze Abhivyakti Dixit, Special Invitation to act in NCPA circuit
Nukkad, Carpe Diem, IIM Calcutta 2015 Silver
Stage Play, Unmaad, IIM Bangalore 2014 Silver Twinkle Soni, Best Supporting Actress
Theatrix, Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati 2013 Silver
Hulla Bol, Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati 2013 Silver
Stage Play, Admit One, NLS Bangalore 2011 Silver Rohit Chotai, Best Actor
Stage Play, Carpe Diem, IIM Calcutta 2011 Bronze
Nukkad, Carpe Diem, IIM Calcutta 2011 Silver
Stage Play, Admit One, NLS Bangalore 2010 Silver

Notable Alumni[edit]

  • Mayank Mahavar - Ankik Dhar Cup
  • Sourya Mukherjee - Chandiramani Cup
  • Kaustabh Khare - Chandiramani Cup
  • Achilles Saxby - Institute Blue (Basketball)
  • Arunabh Kumar - Founder of The Viral Fever[unverified].

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