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Deregistration refers to the removal of a student from the enrollment list of a course by the course instructor. However, It is different from failing a course in number of ways and thus should not be considered the same. If deregistered,

  • Student is removed from the course and an X appears next to the course in the transcript and no grade is awarded
  • Course credit is not added to the credits accrued for the semester
  • Typically used in non-academic performance scenarios such as poor attendance

Procedure[edit | edit source]

There are several scenarios in which one may wish to voluntarily deregister themselves from a course. For example,

  • Additional course with heavy workload
  • Medical or personal reasons

Through course instructor[edit | edit source]

Course instructor can directly deregister the student from their ERP accounts. For this, one may directly approach the concerned faculty and discuss the situation. The option is available under 'Work Allocation' > 'Deregistration' for the course instructor. This is possible only till two weeks before the end semester examination.

Through Dean (UG)[edit | edit source]

One may also approach the Dean (UG) with a written application and permission form the course instructor and faculty advisor for the complete removal of the subject from the transcript. In this case, the course does not appear on the transcript at all.

References[edit | edit source]