How to install MATLAB using KGP email ID (2022)

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  1. Visit this website
  2. Enter `IIT Kharagpur` as University name and enter your institute email ID.
  3. You will receive a mail soon(within 5 minutes) from MATLAB with a link. Go to the link
  4. Click on `Get Software`.
  5. Click on `Sign in to get started`
  6. Login using your institute email ID. Create an account using institute email ID if you haven't created yet .
  7. Download the installer and click on the downloaded file to launch it

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  1. While installing select the minimum extra tool boxes so that installation becomes quick. Toolboxes can be added later on as per requirement.
  2. To install a new "Add on"
    1. Click on "Home" on the top bar
    2. Click on "Add-Ons"
    3. Sign in with institute ID when asked.
    4. Type required Add On name, and click install.
  3. You are permitted to install MATLAB Student and Home on up to two computers and you may transfer a MATLAB Student or Home license up to two times per year. (Source)