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This page includes all the finances related to MetaKGP.

Server[edit source]

We currently use Digital Ocean to host our server. We are using a $10 (USD) per month droplet and we also have saved a previous droplet which amounts for $1.17 (USD) per month. Digital Ocean also charges $1.68 as Service tax so our total server expense is $12.85 per month. Being an open source organization we rely completely on donations. Till now following contributions have been made towards the server prices.

Name Slack Handle Amount contributed
Naresh Ramesh Ghostwriternr 18$
Ayush Goyal DefCon 60$
Soumyadeep Mukherjee Dementor 24.54$
Vikrant Varma Amrav 89.52$
Vivek Aithal Nuwanda 50$

Demo Day[edit source]

Vikrant and Vivek Aithal came up with the idea of the demo day. The idea is to hold a Demo Day once every two weeks, and award a ₹ 1000 prize to a winner randomly chosen from one of the participants, paid by Vikrant and Anonymous.

Below is the list of contributors for the demo day.

Name Slack Handle Amount contributed
Himanshu Mishra Orkohunter Rs. 1000

Below are the monthly invoices of the server.

Year Month Invoice Link
2016 June
2016 July
2016 August
2016 September
2016 October
2016 November and
2016 December
2017 January
2017 February
2017 March
2017 April
2017 May
2017 June
2017 July
2017 August
2017 Septemper
2017 October
2017 November
2017 December
2018 January
2018 February
2018 March
2018 April
2018 May

Tees/Hoodies[edit source]

Kharagpur Open Source Society conducted Kharagpur Winter of Code in the month of December and it was decided that the top three contributors in the metakgp repository will be awarded a metakgp hoodie each.

Item Quantity Cost Donor
Hoodie 3 INR 3744 Soumyadeep(@dementor) and Vivek (@nuwanda)

Currently there are 4 extra metakgp tshirts which will be used as prize in later hackdays or events.

Item Quantity Cost Donor
T-shirt 4 - Athitya Kumar, Ayush Goyal, Pranit Bauva, Harsh Gupta, Arun patro, Vivek Rai