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See Metakgp:Governance for details of our governance structure

Dates[edit source]

  • Filing of nominations by the candidates start: 22nd July
  • Preparation and publication of voters list: 2nd September
  • Mock poll to show everyone the voting process: 8th October - 13th October
  • End of filing of nominations and Public Release of SOPs: 28th August to 4th September
  • Public Comments and Discussions on SOP: 2nd - 4th September
  • Voting: 14th October - 16th October
  • Result: 17th October

Candidates[edit source]

Mock Poll[edit source]

In the mock poll people voted for fake (greek character) candidates so that they can see the voting process and platform and find out any discrepancy (technical or procedural) if any. The mock poll was conducted from 8th October to 13th October in which 25 out of 135 voters casted their votes. The results are available here (

Results[edit source]

There were 135 people in the voters list out of which 40 voted. The results are as follows:

  1. Kaustubh Hiware (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
  2. Srihari Radhakrishna loses to Kaustubh Hiware by 25–15

Hence, Kaustubh Hiware being the most popular choice, will be maintainer for the next one year.

Election Coordinator[edit source]

Arun Patro