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Time and Venue: 5:30 PM (IST) 25th September 2015, CCD


  • Abhishek Tripathi (TLS)
  • Ashris Choudhury (Spectecool)
  • Harsh Gupta (metakgp)
  • Shubham Sharma (Awaaz)
  • Vikrant Varma (metakgp)
  • Vishnu Sharma (Spectecool)
  • Vivek Aithal (metakgp)
  • Yash Shrivastav (TLS)

Agenda[edit source]

We met to discuss and formulate the plan about TKDP.

Why we are doing this project?[edit source]

There are a lot of different reasons we want to do this project. One of the reason is that there are people whose stories need to be told. Then having a history will new generations to build upon something and they won't have to start from the scratch. We also want to know how did it feel like to live through the time our older kgpians have lived through.

``` Whatever we do may be small, but it has a certain character of permanence. - G.H.Hardy, A Mathematician's Apology ```

We we going in a decentralized way[edit source]

We are different groups who want to do this project for different reasons. Though the project is for KGP using TKDP we also want to push our groups forward. People can make the videos the way they want it. metakgp won't own the content, the only restriction on the content will be under the creative commons license. We aren't sure how are we going to present the content, we'll definitely create a playlist on youtube and then maybe we will embed it on TKDP's page and share it through facebook.

Transit phase till October 5th[edit source]

At the end of the project we would like to sew all the stories together and show them as manifestations of common history. But there are lot of aspects of history and we are not sure what should be our or should we have any focus at all. Our next meeting will be on Monday, 5th October and till that time every group should have taken a interview of at least one person. Then we can study them and try to find some common theme to work upon.