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Time and Venue: 5:30 PM CCD


  • Harsh Gupta
  • Soumyadeep Mukherjee
  • Vikrant Varma
  • Vivek Aithal

Agenda[edit source]

This meeting took place after Harsh spontaneously called Vikrant to meet while walking back from his evening class. Not being able to reach others people there were only four people. Since, four people meeting and deciding things without informing others is a very undemocratic process, the conclusions from this meeting should be seen as proposals to the rest of the community which will be discussed in a larger meeting.

The main agenda for this meeting was to discuss team structure and organization.

As of now the metakgp team follows a Laissez-faire system of organization, where each one does what they think is best for is best for them and the team.

Appeal to Authority[edit source]

One of the main reason to not to have a formal structure has been cited as the need to remove an appeal to authority. We as team don't want someone to do something just because a authority figure has asked them do to do so.

The Junior/Senior Hierarchy[edit source]

We also don't want a system where a senior student has a more decision making power in the team just because of the number of years spend by them in KGP.

Diffusion of Responsibility[edit source]

This lack of formal structure leads to diffusion of responsibility where people end up doing very little because they think it is the job of someone else to do it.