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Time and Venue: 9:00 PM Maggu Room Attendees:

  • Ayushi Mrigen
  • Harsh Gupta
  • Himanshu Mishra
  • Vikrant Varma
  • Vivek Aithal

Highlights[edit source]

  • We introduced Ayushi to Metakgp and things we take up there.
  • Vivek demonstrated his visualization project of the Placement Data, where you can see the placement stats w.r.t departments and companies. Vivek and Vikrant demonstrated a prototype to the Director and he liked it, after the project is complete there will be different information seminars showing this data.
  • Vikrant demonstrated his project which artistically visualizes the live search queries made on DC hub of IIT KGP.
  • We discussed timing for Edit-a-thon and we will probably have it mid-sem.
  • We discussed other ideas and things we can work.

Take aways[edit source]

  • Vivek will create a metakgp page his visualization project and will post the code on github with mock data.
  • Vikrant will create a page for his DC project will give it a cool name.
  • Harsh and Himanshu are meeting tomorrow(2016-01-26) at 2:00 PM to work on a project which makes to make cab pooling easier.
  • Vikrant and Harsh will visit the Librarian this Thursday to show him mfpq and will try to convince him to link it on the library website.
  • Vikrant will transfer the ownership of mftp to the metakgp organization on github.