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  • Ayush Goyal
  • Harsh Gupta
  • Sidharth Kannan
  • Vivek Rai

  • Next weekend, 30th September will be a good date for election as it will give enough time for preperation and isn't also too far away.
  • We'll create a voters list from the list of wiki contributors and email everyone about the elections
  • The election portal will be a simple web app, where people will enter a unique key privately given to people by the election coordinator and select their candidate. The web-app, will not track who voted for whom and will simply give the aggregate result after the alloted period.

  • We plan to sit this together this Sunday for a editathon. Few things to do during the editathon are:
  • New Programmers Guide -- A guide to orient new programmers
  • Create a Screen cast + Video describing what Metakgp is and how to edit existing pages and how to create new pages.
  • Write "How to check book dues"
  • Clean up TODO
  • Mark pages which needs work, which are incomplete and which are outdated
  • We plan to make a post about MFQP on Saturday evening, starting a week long drive to collect the question paper. Everyday we'll release stats about how many papers we collected on that particular day and how contributed the most number of papers.
  • We also need to talk to the examination in-charge of our respective department asking for previous question papers.
  • We should make regular posts highlighting the good articles + acknowledging the work of the editors.
  • We need to ask our friends to write the following guides:
* How to prepare for GATE
* How to prepare for CAT
* How to prepare for UPSC
* How to prepare for PhD Applications
  • The server is being transferred to Vivek's account.
  • It was decided that to maintain the server we all should contribute some amount of money.
  • It was decided that we should move the DNS from Vikrant Varma to Ayush Goyal or a common account the credentials to which are held by multiple people. This will let the switching of DNS records happen without friction.