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Attendees[edit source]

  • Rishabh Madan
  • Prakhar Gupta
  • Animesh Kashyap
  • Siddharth Singh
  • Ayush Goyal
  • Nisarg Shah
  • Mayank Bushan
  • Nilay pochhi
  • Yashvardhan

Ideas for hackday[edit source]

Please add your idea to this list. Describe what it is, how much progress you've already made, and work needs to be done. This may be an idea you're already working on, or something for which you want other people to join.

  • A messenger chat bot for metakgp facebook page which can resolve all most all queries related to KGP.
  • Vibe. With an architecture similar to MFQP-source, it is a project to collect all the pictures of Illumination.
  • A script to automatically update dc hub address on wiki page.
  • Create a GitHub like contribution graph for Codechef users.