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Minutes of the meeting
Date: November 12, 2017
Time and venue: 5 PM, CCD

Agenda: Discussing the state of MetaKGP

Minutes[edit source]

  • Discussion regarding the current working of the maintainers and how we can shift our mentality to do things better next semester.
  • Preparing a date-wise plan for the next semester (currently done for January-February, 2018)
    • All maintainers and other interested members to bootstrap one new idea each this december. (Some ideas listed in the following section)
    • All new projects to be floated out and start working on by Early January with other members
    • First hackday for next year on 13/01/2018
    • Have intro seminar around the 1st week of February, around the same time (but not exactly as) the popular research groups in campus.
  • It was decided that all maintainers (and other interested members) may volunteer to be a mentor at KWoC '18 with improvements to all our existing projects.
  • Rebrand MetaKGP talks to lightning talks. Halted the current variation of the talks till February '18.
  • Start a blog for MetaKGP. Ideas were discussed on the content and frequency for the blog. The motivation for the blog would be to increase awareness about MetaKGP and act as an external source of information to know about the happenings in MetaKGP. (Taken up by Kaustubh)
  • Design stickers to stick around campus with bits and pieces about the kind of content that is available on the Wiki. (Taken up by Naresh)
  • A minor addition to the wiki was proposed: To add a footer on the Wiki that links to how one can join our Slack workspace.

New ideas[edit source]

  • Create a mobile app for GYFT (possibly with React Native?) that:
    • helps easy addition of timetable to calendar
    • uses mobile location + time to track attendance
  • An API for all things KGP
    • Should be able to fetch a list of places, departments, profs, students, etc.
    • Handle ERP auth gracefully through one endopoint to verify students
      • This can further be used to authenticate new users starting next year for kgp-tnp-noticeboard
    • If successful, rewrite logic for existing projects to use the API (at say,
  • KGPian music timeline: A browser extension that reads YouTube history and creates playlists based on months / seasons / years for every user
  • A mirror site for Listen To This KGP that has playlists to easily play the posted songs, with options to filter by genre / artist / OP
  • A mobile app map of KGP similar to that of IIT Bombay. Link