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Venue : Veggies

Time : 10:30 pm

Attendees :

Minutes of the meeting:[edit source]

Topics discussed:[edit source]

(1) Introductory Seminar: An introductory seminar will be held tentatively on 21st August (at max by next to next week). Venue: Vikramshila ( V1/ V2) ( decided so because of the large turnout)

Contents of intro seminar -

  • Our projects including wiki
  • Slack channel
  • Why we exist
  • History
  • Contribution guidelines
  • Culture.

(2) Metakgp talks: Though the last two talks held had poor response, it was decided that talks shall be started once again (at least for this semester), the response will be seen, and then decided whether to continue it or not. The talks will have a similar frequency as demo-day, ranging from once to twice a month.

(3) Need for a maintainer - elections. It was decided that voting will take place for the maintainer, it has been due since March.

(4) The demo days will continue like they have been so far. Some problems were discussed regarding demo day - a need for projector was felt. Although this service would be available in the CSE Department, the idea was discarded as it may label metakgp as a coding based society, thus discouraging creative commons from turning up.

(5) Some of the projects were discussed like chef graffiti and kgp_cab_centrale, and Kaustubh will take care of the latter.

(6) Shivam Kumar Jha of sound, mind, and body complained about not being able to dance his head off in a while. He proposed an idea for the same. Parties will be held and organized through the contributions of each person who attends it. ( Status of approval - undecided).