Metakgp:Report June-September 2016

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(this is a draft)

Wiki[edit source]


Major New Articles[edit source]

  • How to get a smart card
  • University of Alberta Research Experience Programme
  • BT31014 : Immunology‎
  • How to join gym
  • How to clear CFA level 1‎‎
  • How to SSH into a server that is outside the campus network
  • Booking class rooms for events‎
  • How to install Ubuntu as Dual Boot‎
  • How to prepare for GRE

Major Edits[edit source]

Important Contributors[edit source]

Events[edit source]

  • Fist [Metakgp:Book Club| Book Club meetup]
  • [Metakgp:Meetups/2016-08-07|Hackday on 7th August 2016], attended by 13 people
  • [Metakgp:GNU Linux Install Fest 2016|Ubuntu Install Fest held on 4th September 2016], attended by around 15 to 20 people.

Projects[edit source]

- Made significant progress on Naarad, it now has much cleaner UI, handle more types of posts and overall works very well now. Most of the work on it was done by Athitya Kumar and Ayush Goyal - Gyft:

Collaborations[edit source]