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MetaKGP Hack Day Trackr Synopsis Ashris, Siddharth Jindal, Ranjit, Aditya

At sharp 1 pm (lol, whom are we kidding, @1:30 or so) we met and finalized the topic we wished to work on.

INITIAL OBJECTIVE We initially decided that we make a Python script that parses ERP post login for the Time Table data and gets a .txt output. Ideally, a clean JSON data would be extracted from the txt and a timetable would be made based on this data.

Fortunately, Nishant Nikhil had worked on a project to parse ERP for the time table data already, so most of the things should have been easy.

However, on second thoughts, deploying the application as a Python script would not be very popular among non-developers and hence I (Ashris) explored the possibility of developing a web app. Being Django illiterate, there was no way I could have used Nishant's code in the short time. So I decided to redo the project in Node. On browsing for relevant libraries for parsing data, I found Phantom, Cheerio and Casper. But since ERP needed to be parsed after a complicated login procedure and multiple DOM actions, we decided to do away with the entire ERP based Time Table Generation but allow the user to customize a pre-defined template of time table for every department.

After an entire Jupiter day of brainstorming, we decided to run two parallel projects, one based on the Python script with the data parsed from ERP amd another JS based that allows users to customize their time table. Ashris and Siddharth plan to work on the latter.

Eventually, we plan to make Trackr a full fledged productivity tool for KGPians with collaborative tracking systems for exams, placements, classes and society auditions.