Previous Year Question Papers

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Previous year question papers are central to anyone's preparation during semester examinations. For this, a number of official and student compiled resources exist.

Officially, the website of central library hosts a collection of previous year question papers. The site is locally hosted and can be visited only from inside the institute. Any proxy settings must be bypassed for this site, or turned off entirely. The website, however, suffers from a number of issues - the collection is far from complete, not too many people can open the link at a time etc.,

To alleviate the situation, a number of other alternatives exist of which the most popular are mfqp and PaperCop.

A snapshot of mfqp's homepage, showing the advanced fuzzy-search text-area.
  • mfqp - Quick search the library's question papers database by course name, year, or semester. Works even when library website is down. Metakgp also crowdsources question papers after the exams and adds them to MFQP.