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We aim to develop exceptional leaders who will do well for themselves and will do good for the world. The program is built around 4 pillars: Corporate Skills, openness to the world, exposure to the society, and leadership.

SHARE, IIT Kharagpur

Overview[edit | edit source]

Program Modules

Our program has 6 modules and runs over 2 academic years. It is adjusted to our local context to ensure students can balance their time between the program and their academic curriculum.

Module 1: First Consulting Presentation: Apply basic consulting skills into a simple issue

Module 2: Learning unit project: Sharpen your consulting skills into a group project

Module 3: Start-up project: Apply your consulting skills on a Do Well Do Good start-up

Module 4: I-batch: Work with students from 4 different countries on a Do Well Do Good case

Module 5: Leadership: Carve your leadership style

Module 6: Global consulting project: Join a team of tier 1 consultants

Functioning[edit | edit source]

Selection Process

Selections to SHARE are held at the start of the second year. The selection procedure consists of a written test to judge basic analytical skills followed by a personal interview for the shortlisted candidates. Prospective members are expected to show their motivation to SHARE and how they can contribute to the same.

Time Commitment

During a typical week, a student might have to spend 2-3 hours on e-learning, 4-5 hours on assignments, and 2 hours in team meetings.

References[edit | edit source]