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We come together
To share our knowledge
And our experiences
So that all may benefit
From what one has learnt
And to create
An everlasting record
Of our fleeting passing
Through IIT KGP

Often, information about various things in IIT Kharagpur is hard to find, possessed by a few privileged individuals, inconsistent across different sources, or simply anecdotal and unrecorded. I hope that the wiki model will be successful in centralising important knowledge about KGP.

Additionally, vast amounts of information in the form of subjective experiences are lost as students pass out, their precious wisdom unrecorded. A more ambitious goal for the wiki is to capture some of these hard won insights so that other students don't face the same struggles unprepared.

Finally, the most ambitious goal of the wiki is to nurture an attitude of collaboration, openness, self-improvement and curiosity. By documenting our lives in KGP, we may learn something new about it, and about ourselves. By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we may try harder to overcome our self-imposed restrictions and inhibitions, to be more understanding, and to grow. And if we look back years later at this record of our time here, it will be with the thrill of having created something permanent and useful for generations.

Even if that last one doesn't quite pan out, it's okay :)

--Amrav (talk) 16:52, 16 May 2015 (IST)