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[[File:|alt=Department of Electrical Engineering|thumb|Department of Electrical Engineering]] Established as one of the major departments of the Institute, since its inception in 1951, the Department of Electrical Engineering is actively engaged in teaching and research. With modern laboratories and excellent members of faculty, the Department of Electrical Engineering offers two undergraduate programmes in electrical engineering and instrumentation engineering.

The HOD (Head of the Department) of Electrical Engineering Department is Pranab_K._Dutta.

Professors[edit | edit source]

Name Research Interests
Alok Barua Analog VLSI
Alok Kanti Deb Computational Intelligence 
Amit Patra VLSI Power Management & Control 
Anirban Mukherjee  Medical Signal Processing 
Anoop C. S. Sensors, Signal Conditioning, Measurements and Instrumentation 
Arun Ghosh Multivariable Control Systems, Periodic Control and Robust Control
Ashok K. Pradhan Power Systems Protection
Aurobinda Routray Embedded Signal Processing 
Avinash K. Sinha Power Systems Dynamics
B. M. Mohan Intelligent Control
Chandan Chakraborty  Power Electronics
Debaprasad Kastha Power Electronics
Debapriya Das Power Systems Distribution
Debdoot Sheet Computational Medical Imaging, Smart Medical Devices, Machine Learning 
Dheeman Chatterjee Power Systems Dynamics,FACTS
Goshaidas Ray Robust Control
Gautam Poddar Electric Drives
Karabi Biswas Sensor Development 
Nirmalya Ghosh Medical Image Informatics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
N. K. Kishore High Voltage Engineering
Prabodh Bajpai Renewable Energy Systems
Pranab K. Dutta Optical Imaging
Rajiv Ranjan Sahay Image Processing
Sabyasachi Sengupta Power Electronics
Santanu Kapat Embedded Control in Power Converter 
Sarit Das Periodic Control Systems
Saurav Pramanik Monitoring and Diagnostics of HV Power Apparatus
Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay  Fault-tolerant Control 
Siddhartha Sen MEMS, Fractional-order Systems
Sourav Patra  Robust Control Systems 
Souvik Chattopadhyay Power Electronics
Suman Maiti Modular Multilevel Converters, HVDC, Electric Drives
Tanmoy Bhattacharyya Power Electronics
Tapas Bhattacharyya Electromagnetics

Grand Viva Questions[edit | edit source]

Department_of_Electrical_Engineering/Viva_Voce_Questions is the list of all the Viva Voce questions so far documented by us.