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B. Tech.[edit | edit source]

# Question Answer Professor Year
1 What are types of strain guage? Alok Barua Nov 2017
2 Why semicondor Strain guage are not used widely ? 1. There G factor won't be same because doping can't be precisely controlled. Nov 2017
3 What are the typical values for sensitivity for Thermocouple based Temp Sensors? In the order of microvolts per degree celsius. Alok Barua Nov 2017
4 Draw Load Cell type Strain Gauge & Beam type Strain Guage Nov 2017
5 Draw the Nyquist plot for a given transfer function. What are the axes called in the nyquist space? AK Deb Nov 2017
6 What is root locus, which two criteria satisfied by the point on root locus? AK Deb Nov 2017
7 What is Zeta called ? Damping Ratio BM Mohan Nov 2017
8 What is region on s plane for zero damping and negative damping?> BM Mohan Nov 2017
9 Draw the eqv. circuit for DC motor. What are the ways to control its speed? Field control and Armature control. BM Mohan Nov 2017
10 What is torque speed characteristics of Synchronous generator? Saurav Pramanik Nov 2017
11 Why DC current required in synchronous machine? Saurav Pramanik Nov 2017
12 Draw the coils of Transformer and polarity. Saurav Pramanik Nov 2017
13 Something with short circuit test. Connect a wattemeter to measure power loss. Explain the principle of reflective current on primary. Saurav Pramanik Nov 2017
14 Energy meter and Power meter working Avishek Chatterjee Nov 2017
15 Thevnin theorem Avishek Chatterjee Nov 2017
16 Which motor used in locomotive engine ? Avishek Chatterjee Nov 2017
17 Draw an OR gate using NAND gates. Avishek Chatterjee Nov 2017
18 Maximum power theorem with a modification. Avishek Chatterjee Nov 2017
19 Explain PMMC meter, Moving Iron Ammeter. How does it work? Avishek Chatterjee Nov 2017
20 What will happen if I use PMMC to measure AC/DC? Avishek Chatterjee Nov 2017
21 We know that cealing fan speed is regulated by rotating regulator knob. When you remove the fan blades then you are unable to do so. Why ? A Routray Nov 2017
22 How can you make 1 Farad capacitor Nov 2017
23 How can you charge a capcitor with 220V dc voltage source ?.. Value of R required for charging, calculate power loss without integrating Suman Maiti Nov 2017
24 draw B-H curve for aluminium and iron core, Nov 2017
25 Circuit Diagram Instrumentation Amplifier Asish Maity Nov 2017
26 What is RTD, functioning of thermistor Karabi Biswas Nov 2017
27 Write the equation of sampling signal in time domain also find its fourier transform Debdoot Sheet Nov 2017
28 LVDT Karabi Biswas Nov 2017
29 Basic control block diagram and its root locus Arun Ghosh Nov 2017
30 Given a transfer function find its steady state value and the settling time Arun Ghosh Nov 2017
31 How does AD590 woprks? Alok Barua Nov 2017
32 Working of MI type and PMMC type ammeter? Comment about avg value of cuurent in both. Avishek Chatterjee Nov 2017
33 Draw Bonded metal wire strain gauge and bonded metal foil strain gauge Alok Barua Nov 2017
34 If we are applying axial strain, what type of arrangment is made in metal foil strain gauge to correct the error due to transverse strain? Alok Barua Nov 2017
35 What are the applications of synchronous machine? Saurav Pramanik Nov 2017
36 Draw PI controller using opamp? Siddarth Sen Nov 2017
37 A wire carrying a current of 5A how to measure this using the micro processer? decrease the current down to less current using the current transformer then measure Suman Maiti Nov 2017
38 what is controllability? A K Deb Nov 2017
39 Draw circuit diagram of a synchronous 2 bit counter Alok Barua Nov 2017
40 1st year flourocent lamp experiment circuit diagram Nov 2017
41 Draw circuit diagram of LVDT and its "symbol" Karabi Biswas Nov 2017
42 You have given 2 capacitance - C1 and C2. Also voltage Vin is given. Realize Vout = Vin*(C1/C2) Karabi Biswas Nov 2017
43 30 cm scale is given. What is range,resolution and span for this scale. Karabi Biswas Nov 2017
44 A DC voltage source and a circuit is given. What configuration should be used such that irrespective of the polarity of the battery the circuit should work fine. Use full wave rectifier circuit configuration using 4 diodes Ashish Maity Nov 2017
45 Difference between Discrete signals and digital signals Digital can have only 2 states - ON and OFF Nirmalya Ghosh Nov 2017
46 Circuit diagram of transformer Arun Ghosh Nov 2017
47 GIven a transfer function draw bode plot. Then find its impulse response. Finally draw root locus Arun Ghosh Nov 2017
48 Sampling theorem Debdoot Sheet Nov 2017
49 Draw spectrum of white light. If it is sampled with 1kHz sampling frequency what will happen? Debdoot Sheet Nov 2017
50 Draw the V-I characteristics of a practical diode and write down expressions for calculating its static and dynamic resistance. Debdoot Sheet Nov 2017
51 At which point on the V-I characteristic curve is the static resistance equal to the dynamic resistance. Debdoot Sheet Nov 2017
52 Draw the circuit which you would use for measuring the V and I values for plotting the V-I characteristics curve of the practical diode. You are provided with a 5V battery as your voltage source. Debdoot Sheet Nov 2017
53 You are given a 3.3V Zener diode which is connected with a random signal generator located to its left with a 1k resistance connecting one lead of the signal generator to the cathode of the diode, and anode of the diode is connected directly to the other lead of the signal generator. The signal generator generates discrete time random valued voltage pulses following a normal distribution with mean of 0V and standard deviation of 3 V. That would be the pdf of the signals sensed across the leads of the Zener diode. Debdoot Sheet Nov 2017
54 When speaking your frequency of signals range in 80-800 Hz and I am sampling your speech at 1kHz, what will I hear if I playback the recorded signal. Debdoot Sheet Nov 2017
55 Given a transfer function (s+a)/((s+b)*(s+c))..where b>0,c>0 and for case of a>0 and a<0 comment on phase margin,stability SK
56 60HZ rated transformer should be used with supply of 50Hz or not? He said it can't be used Random Guy Apr 2017
57 Full Wave Rectifier (Diode) and Fourier Transform (without integrating) of the output Even Harmonics Kapat Apr 2017
58 what is transfer function, freq response, loop transfer function, phase margin Apr 2017
59 why phase margin is called phase margin Apr 2017
60 what is temp control problem Apr 2017
61 how will you measure the freq of 230V power line with help of embedded system Apr 2017
62 what signals are used for freq response Apr 2017
63 resolve square wave in its freq components Apr 2017
64 what nyquist stability criteria Apr 2017
65 Do you feel like an Electrical Engineer? No All Apr 2017
66 Have you forgotten everyting that was taught to you in the past 4 years? Sir, this question is out of syllabus Apr 2017
67 Do you feel like an Electrician? Maybe All Apr 2017
68 What is the R value of a resistor with Red Red Blue color coding ? You should give JEE again Apr 2017
69 Can you make a potential divider with output voltage more than input voltage using a rheostat and a voltage source? Yes BM Mohan Apr 2017
70 What is the difference between a normal conductor and a bundled conductor? Power Systems Paramanik Apr 2017
71 Normal transient questions from power electronics TKB Apr 2017
72 A network question involving infinite current(impulse current) in a conductor TKB Apr 2017
73 On a RC circuit TKB Apr 2017
74 Dirichlet condition Signals and Systems RRS Apr 2017
75 Draw Sinx/x and which filter has this impulse response?Is it feasible?If not then how to make it feasible? Signals and Systems RRS Apr 2017
76 How will you rotate a single phase induction machine in opposite direction ? TKB Apr 2017
77 If I switch supply terminals of a DC shunt motor, will it rotate in opposite direction? Justify your answer. TKB Apr 2017
78 What is the frequency response of function f(t) = cos(wt) ? S Patra Apr 2017
79 bode plot of G(s) = e^(-2s) . draw graphs for gain and phase S Patra Apr 2017
80 draw a bridge circuit diagram with 2 diodes and 2 thyristor for 1 phase AC to DC converter. Show input and output signals TKB Apr 2017
81 Equivalent circuit diagram for Medium transmission line? Paramanik Apr 2017
82 When we increase the load of transformer, why the output voltage falls ? due to leakage inductance AK Pradhan Apr 2014
83 Why the leakage inductance of transformer is in series ? AK Pradhan Apr 2014
84 How an IIR filter is implemented ? with a recursive equation of output Anirban Mukherjee Apr 2014
85 What is the ideal pulse for Nyquist criterion ? sinc Anirban Mukherjee Apr 2014
86 What are the different kind of interrupts, explain Hardware, Software and priority interrupt controller use Anirban Mukherjee Apr 2014
87 Find the relationship between eigenvalues of a matrix and its trace and determinant ? trace = sum of eigenvalues ; det = prdct of eigenvalues S Patra Apr 2014
88 For LVDT if the vibration has a freq f what should be the freq of ac voltage applied ? 10 times of f PKD Apr 2014
89 What would you use to measure petrol at a petrol pump? ( would you use volumetric flow meter or mass flow meter) PKD Apr 2014
90 Draw the cross sectional diagram of a LVDT. Do not draw the simple diagram, rather the one where current in coils is shown via dot and cross convention PKD Apr 2014
91 Do you know what SPI is? Serial peripheral interface Anirban Mukherjee Apr 2014
92 Draw the time response of the given system for a step input Non-Minimun phase response funda S Patra Apr 2014
93 What is BPSK? PSK? refer to datacomm Alok Barua, A Routray Apr 2014
94 you have a black box containing resistance and capacitance, you dunno the values.. how will u find out in lab.. feed in sine wave by signal generator and see response S Kapat Apr 2014
95 what will be the output if u feed in sine wave? how will u determine R,C S Kapat, GD Ray Apr 2014
96 u design a FIR filter in lab of 5th order and cutoff frequency is 500Hz.and sampling rate is 5Hz. but theoretically, u observe that the sampling frequency is 3KHz. What is the observed cutoff frequency 300Hz A Routray Apr 2014
97 u have a 50 Hz signal, what is the minimum sampling rate we answered 100Hz, he said think on this! :P A Routray Apr 2014
98 what is beta in thermistor instru notes Alok Barua Apr 2014
99 draw a graph of temperature versus resistance of a thermistor for two beta values instru notes Alok Barua Apr 2014
100 what should be beta value for higher sensitivity instru notes Alok Barua Apr 2014
101 typical range of beta values instru notes Alok Barua Apr 2014
102 in which temperature sensor, lead wire resistance comes into play instru notes Alok Barua Apr 2014
103 what is cold junction compensatn? how to do it? AD590 Alok Barua Apr 2014
104 Its structure types, how does AD590 compensate? Alok Barua Apr 2014
105 in RTD mueller bridge, how do u transmit telemetry system Alok Barua Apr 2014
106 what is the typical staructure, frequency etc instru notes Alok Barua Apr 2014
107 some questions on PWM, what is PWM, draw a typical PWM with delta = 10%, 90% S Kapat, GD Ray Apr 2014
108 how to find average voltage in a pwm S Kapat, GD Ray Apr 2014
109 if you have to feed this average voltage to a dc circuit, how will u feed it S Kapat, GD Ray Apr 2014
110 what is channel coding, how is data transmitted across a medium datacomm Anirban Mukherjee Apr 2014
111 Draw the cross sectional view of an LVDT. instru notes PKD Apr 2014
112 Draw the flow profile of an orifice meter( liquid flow lines) instru notes PKD Apr 2014
113 Is capacitor a linear device control S Patra Apr 2014
114 Gave the T.F of a plant and a controller with unity negative feedback and asked about the stability of the individual components as well as the entire system control S Patra Apr 2014
115 Power losses in a transformer, what is the current flowing in the primary winding called? et AKP Apr 2014
116 How do you find the T.F of a DC motor refer control systems lab manual Apr 2014
117 How do you find the values of unknown R and C using a oscilloscope and a battery(multimeter not avbl) 2 unknowns 2 equations, one will be unit step response and finding time constant Apr 2014
118 in a LVDT draw the voltage wave forms given the circiut(take care of dots on the coils) instru notes Apr 2014
119 using an opamp,2 Resistor and 2 capacitors develop a 1st order ckt, a 2nd order ckt, Apr 2014
120 minimum number of capacitors and inductors or their combinations reqd to make a 2nd order ckt Apr 2014
121 uncharged capacitor connected to a battery considered short ckt.explain. Apr 2014
122 why is modulation required in communication Apr 2014
123 what is rotameter? explain A Barua's book PKD Apr 2014
124 explain current transformer? AK Pradhan Apr 2014
125 characteristics of hot wire anemometer AK Pradhan Apr 2014
126 Draw the diagram of a flapper nozzle system, it's characteristic plot and derive its expression, hence the gain value PKD Apr 2014
127 You have a voltage signal lagging the current by some angle theta, develope a digital system to measure the power accurately AK Pradhan Apr 2014
128 both the signals have spikes somewhere and possibly various other harmonics due to noise Apr 2014
129 Serial or parallel communication?----- older printers, USB Anirban Mukherjee Apr 2014
130 Write the Parsevals theorem's expression for input x(t) and output y(t) Apr 2014
131 Given a system G(s)=1/((s+2)(s-2)), would it be stable? If it might be stable given some conditions, what could they be? (specify the ROC) Apr 2014
132 What is the meaning of having points for negative frequency in a Nyquist plot Apr 2014
133 Draw the frequency response of low pass filter. If one forgets the negative frequency part, why is the filter non realisable? Complex filter coefficients A Routray Apr 2014
134 Depict the block diagram of a temperature control system for a industrial plant GD Ray Apr 2014
135 How would you interface 2 chips operating at different frequencies S Kapat Apr 2014
136 IEEE 488: Describe the functioning of Handshaking signals Alok Barua Apr 2014