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IIT Kharagpur operates the largest academic network in the eastern region of India. Internet access is provided through both wired and wireless connections from academic areas, halls of residences, and the residential complex.

Access to the Internet is only allowed through an HTTP proxy server.[1]

VPN[edit | edit source]

Access to restricted applications (WhatsApp, Messenger, Torrents, etc.) can be gained through the use of VPN applications.

Following is a non-exhaustive list of working VPNs:

  • Windows: ExpressVPN, Psiphon
  • MacOS: ExpressVPN, FreeVPN Org, Hotspot Shield VPN
  • Linux: ExpressVPN
  • Android: ExpressVPN, Psiphon
  • iOS: ExpressVPN, Psiphon
  • Router: ExpressVPNor OpenVPN hosted on Azure/AWS/DigitalOcean Server

You can self host OpenVPN server on AWS / Azure / DigitalOcean for free for 12 months per service:

DC / DC++[edit | edit source]

Main article: DC

Windows[edit | edit source]

DC++ is one of the most popular DC clients for Windows. After installing the software, set the current proxy to direct connection, set manual configuration to Active mode and upload 100 GB or more data to get access to DC. Connect to the current HUB address. You can also follow the windows quick start guide from here. ApexDC is a good alternative to DC++ that works well.

Linux[edit | edit source]

LinuxDC++ is a Linux port of DC++. Though it is primarily aimed at Linux, it has been shown to work on other Unix-based operating systems as well. Another alternative is Eiskaltdcpp-qt which has a slightly better interface. Download any one of them from Software centre. Configure the client as the same way as windows DC++

OS X[edit | edit source]

To use DC on Mac OS X you can use Shakespeer. Just Download it and after installing it goto preferences and then identity and choose your nick, then in share choose location for download and incomplete folder and add files. Now click connect hub button and enter the hub address.

DNS[edit | edit source]

IIT KGP has it's own DNS servers at[3] and[3], which is used by default. It is faster and more secure and also recommended if you are using a VPN to use Google DNS . Its IP address is . To use Google DNS go to the file /etc/resolv.conf and make the following changes.Instead of




But do remember these changes won't be permanent. So every time you restart your machine, this file would be over written. To make the changes permanent go to the file /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf where you will see this line:

#prepend domain-name-servers;

Remove the '#' and change the server instead of to

Software Repository[edit | edit source]

The CIC has a vast software repository that provides software like SolidWorks for CAD; IDEs like NetBeans or DevC++; Adobe Creative Suite products like Dreamweaver (Web Designing), Photoshop (Image Manipulation), Illustrator ( Graphic Design) etc ; MATLAB and many more. To access it Go to Run and enter the following address there:

For Serial Keys visit the CIC official website. The instructions for certain software have been provided

Other Repository[edit | edit source]

Disable proxy for all the above instances

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