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Collecting photographs of places, events and people of KGP is important in our aim to document KGP. There are lot of relevant photographs available online but unless there is explicit permission from the photographer all the work is considered copyrighted. At metaKGP we don't use any photograph unless we have the permission to do so. Also since we host our media content on Wikimedia Commons, all the content uploaded is under specific free licenses specified by Wikimedia.

Photographer Contacted By Status Remarks
Subhajoy Das User:Hargup Photos uploaded to WC He had only four photos relevant to KGP, one of them was a very good photo of Two for a Tango at SF
Anne Hong User:Hargup Photos uploaded to WC She had some good photographs of KTJ 2008
Ashay Gangwar User:Hargup In Process: He asked us to give the list of photographs we want him to release in CC-BY-SA He has many good photographs of SF and KGP's buildings. Photographs by him will be very useful.
Arko Chatterjee User:Hargup He has not responded yet. He has a amazing photograph of color changing arena of KTJ 2013.
Rachit Agarwal User:Xtinct, User:Hargup He agreed to give us the photographs but his photos are on 500px. 500px doesn't give option to specify CC License, so either we'll have to manually upload the photos or first transfer them to flickr. He the required work after mid-sem
Nikesh Aryan User:Xtinct He'll change the permissions of required photos after the mid semester.
Siddhart Agarwal User:Dementor He is fine with anything. For now he is uploading Iluu 2013 but for rest he says just make a list of exact photographs we want to use from his albums and he will do them.

WC: Wikimedia Commons

Template Mail[edit source]

You can use the following mail as a template to contact someone asking for their photographs of KGP.

Hi newyorkannie,

We are building a community wiki for IIT Kharagpur named metaKGP [1]. I noticed that you have a pretty rare collection of photos of Kshitij 2008 [2] and we would like to add those photographs to metaKGP. We host all our media files on Wikimedia Commons and that requires the photographs to be released under certain free licenses [3]. Hence, I request you to release you photos under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. Changing the license of your work is very easy on flickr, just follow this help guide [4]. Your contribution will be deeply appreciated (:

-- Harsh Gupta ([email protected])