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Reach me at gupta [dot] harsh96 [at] gmail [dot] com

TODO[edit | edit source]

Here's my public todo, I'll be glad if someone can take up few of the tasks listed here.

  • Give the list of photographs to Ashay Gangwar so that he can release them under CC-BY-SA.
  • Write an article about KLUG
  • Write an article about Data Analytics GC
  • Collect the previous year submissions of Azad Hall for Data Analytics and Open Soft at our github organization.
  • Expand the History Section of metaKGP
  • Expand the metaX page
  • Write a bot to collect archive the the chat history or metaKGP's slack channel and post it publicly as html.
  • Write an article about NoAbuseKGP
  • Write an article about OP
  • Create a requested article page

Subpages[edit | edit source]