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The following rules establish community consensus on the conventions to be followed when editing this wiki.

Capitalisation[edit source]

Page/category names should begin with an uppercase letter, and all subsequent letters should be lowercase, except for acronyms, proper nouns, or where conventional usage has established capitalisation.

For example, "List of phone numbers", "ETDS", "Department change", "Halls of Residence", "Department of Computer Science and Engineering".

Acronyms[edit source]

Acronyms should be expanded if they are the subject of the page. For example, the page about "KRAIG" should be expanded to "Kharagpur Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Group". However, a page listing its achievements could be titled "List of achievements of KRAIG". A redirect should be created from commonly used acronyms to the actual title.

Referring to people[edit source]

The names of people should be written as is, without including any prefixes such as "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Prof." et cetera. Link to the Metakgp or Wikipedia article about them if possible.

The names of students should be followed by their department code and year of graduation. For example, if Madan Kumar belongs to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and graduated in 2012, he would be referred to as "Madan Kumar (ME '12)".

Phone numbers[edit source]

Phone numbers should be rendered using the following format:

Landline: (+91) 3222 282152
Mobile: (+91) 987 654 3213
Special: 1 800 425 6633

Dates[edit source]

Dates in references and in text should be formatted as:

<month name> <day>, <year>

For example, September 16, 2015.

Verified Tag for References[edit source]

Proper references must be added to the edited content. See Good References.

For example,

<ref name ="Foobar"> {{verified|username=Amrav|date=September 22, 2015|real_name=Vikrant Varma (CS ’11)|credible_because=resident of RP Hall from 2011 to 2015}} </ref>

would get expanded to

  1. Verified by Amrav on September 22, 2015.