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The election time is here and you are the election coordinator, that's great.

  1. Come up with a tentative schedule and then discuss that with the community. Try to finish the whole process within two to three weeks. The schedule should have dates for start of nominations, end of nominations, public comments, mock election and final election.
  2. After the dates are discussed. Announce the election, make a public post about it and then try to remain on the schedule.
  3. Personally talk to every person who you think should contest. Find out their reason why they think they should or should not contest and clarify any doubts which might have. Especially talk to new people, they might be shy to take the initiative to contest by themselves, and you asking them personally might convince them they are actually welcomed to contest and lead the community.
  4. Prepare the voters list and announce it the community
  5. Conduct the mock polls. This step is necessary if you are conducting the polls on a platform which hasn't been used in metakgp election before. Even if you have used the platform before, you don't want any technical surprises during the actual election.
  6. Ask candidates to send in their SOPs to you and offer them private comments, also encourage candidates to seek feedback from other community member. Make sure you follow up with the candidates so that they turn in their SOPs timely.
  7. After the nomination date is over, publish all the SOPs on the wiki, offer public comments on them and encourage discussion.
  8. Conduct an in person session where people can meet the candidates and discuss their SOPs.
  9. The date of final poll is here, make a post about it.
  10. After the poll announce the results and assign new maintainers their responsibilities.
  11. Nominate the next Election Coordinator