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In a maintainer election anyone who has contributed to metakgp is allowed to vote. It is the responsibility of the election coordinator to create the voter's list.

  1. Get the names and emails of editors of the wiki: Run this script on the wiki server, it will give you a tab separated file of the names and emails of the users who have edit count more than 0. Not every user account has an associated email.
  2. Get the names and emails of code contributors: Modify this script to add any new projects to metakgp and run the script to get names and emails of every code contributor to metakgp projects in csv file. Please note that this file does not include contributors to batman.
  3. Convert the tab separated file of the wiki editors to csv and merge with the code contributors files, you can use your favorite editor to replace all tabs with commas. To merge the file you can simply concatenate one to the other.
  4. Remove the duplicates and bots: Some of the duplicates can be removed by simply sorting the file and choosing the unique lines. Many people use different email addresses during course of their contributions, you will have to remove such duplicates manually. We have limited number of bots on the wiki and they can be found here. Be careful in this step, don't remove any genuine voter.
  5. Add people who have donated: You get the list of public donations here.
  6. Add anyone who is left out: Not all contributions to metakgp are in the form of wiki edits, code or donations, for example contributions to TKDP are in form of a movie, make sure you add such people on list. Some people might have changed their email addresses and some might have left out because of some error. Publicly announce the voters list before you finalize it so that people can point out any incorrect or missing entry.