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We're planning to have a hackathon this Saturday, around 12 pm onwards. If you can't join at 12, don't worry, come whenever you can. The aim is to have something demo-able by the end of the night!

Ideas for hackday[edit source]

Please add your idea to this list. Describe what it is, how much progress you've already made, and work needs to be done. This may be an idea you're already working on, or something for which you want other people to join.

Remember, you don't need to work on code. Feel free to start an art project, a hardware project, or anything else you can think of :)

  • sparrow is a DC client written in Go and React. I've already written the DC protocol layer, and the basic UI. Still need to write search, download, hashing, upload, parallel downloads using alternatives, and work out the details of the UI/UX. -- Amrav (talk)
  • Ideas of Hackathon -- Xtinct (talk) 16:06, 8 April 2016 (IST)
  • Kgp Bus Tracker - Live tracking of bus service in Kgp. Basic visualization and location logic is completed. Need to finalize the choice of remote as well as the format of data uploaded and further, integration with the hardware. Needs discussion on possible features/improvement. Nevinvalsaraj
  • Marcel Prosut's Swann's Way Reading Club - ILST #1 - Swann's Way is the first book in Marcel Proust's seminal work In Search of Lost Time. This book is notoriously difficult, has a weird narration / story telling pattern, and what not. Reading this book in a group of people is more fun than reading it alone (according to a reddit comment, can't find it now), because then discussion can take shape, and things that people don't understand can be explained in a non-trivial sense, without the fear of spoilers. Hence, I plan to get started reading this now, and then spill-over into the summer, and probably next semester too. (It's just 468 pages of dense literature, is all.) I want to read this book at a leisurely pace, with absolutely no hurry. This isn't really a Hackday project, more like an ongoing one. Anyone who's interested can drop by! Icyflame (talk)
  • I'll write a script to aggregate news and events from Facebook pages so that I don't miss them. -- Hargup (talk) 19:10, 8 April 2016 (IST)
  • Cab Share Web App
  • Illu Bot
  • Youtube Caching Chrome Extension
  • Sanjay
  • Prof Search
  • KGP Trends
  • Wiki Page Writing
  • A web app that keeps track of the GC scores, real time. Just the scores, updated often and properly. This should be fun, and should take the number crunching out of the life of a lot of people. (Can use something like app.js by Kik to make it look good on everything, ad make it's development **extremely** simple). - Icyflame (talk)
  • Kgp Game
  • An Intra-kgp File Transfer app