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In a hackday we come together and hack on something. Absolutely everyone is invited, it doesn't matter which year you are in, it doesn't matter whether you have been involved with metakgp or not and it doesn't matter if you know much programming or not. We believe everyone will have something to contribute and everyone will be able to learn something from the hackday. You can come with your own ideas or work with someone with the ideas listed below. The ideas need not be related to metakgp or coding for that matter.

Venue: Group Study Room, 2nd Floor Annex Building Central Library

Time: 1 PM to 8 PM

Attendees[edit source]

  • Ashris
  • Ayush Goyal
  • Buridi Adithya
  • Chirag Gupta
  • Harsh Gupta
  • Himanshu Ojha
  • Nishant Nikhil
  • Nitin Choudhary
  • Rameshwar
  • Ranjith
  • Shivam Vats
  • Siddharth Jindal
  • Vivek Rai

Ideas for Hackday[edit source]

Ideas from last hackday

  • Interactive Map of IIT Kharagpur
The map should have all the important places of IIT Kharagpur showed and will open up an article in a nice if one clicks on the place. An extenstion of the idea which Subhajoy proposed is have show which eateries are open at the present time. To do we can create a mobile which can be given to every eatery owner where they can enter if they are on or off.
* Run a cron job to run it regularly
* Add a nice style sheet to it.
* Handle link posts
* Handle gifs and videos
  • Write a script that will automatically send an email to metakgp-announce everytime we make a facebook post.
* Remind us to feature a new page every week
* Randomly remind someone to add information to a random page (?)
  • Do network analysis on the metakgp pages to see if easy to move between pages.
  • Do user testing of metakgp.
  • Create a pip installable python package out of paper-spray. It can have the following interface
* paper-spray init will create a readme template and a json file
* paper-spray add-paper will prompt the user to add a paper
* paper-spray build will generate the and the searchable html.
  • Create a searchable database of all RTI Public Information Officers.
One will need to go the RTI page of every government office and scrape the address into a json. On the json we can create a mfqp like search page. links to the RTI pages of all government


  • Create an Indian Government SSL Hall of Fame/Shame
Inspired by Python3 hall of superpowers, this page will have list of all Indian Government websites and will highlight if the website uses SSL and if their certificate is valid or not.
  • Create a python library which will guess the gender of someone given the name.
This will be pretty usefull in analyzing the gender diversity of something, say PyCon or IIT. To create this library you can scrape the names and their respective genders from baby names websites, wikidata can be a good source too. Since any dataset cannot contain all possible set of names, one can create a simple machine learning model around the dataset.
  • Get your timetable synced with your Google Calendar
To get notifications automatically for classes.