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Tonight me, Vivek and Himanshu met Akash Khandelwal from SWG at Gymkhana. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss possible collaboration with them. One point of collaboration is SWG calender where societies can update their events. We want to give people an option to sync that with Google Calender and also automatically append the event on a metakgp page, they agreed to have their tech folks work with us on this. The other thing was to have to work together on collecting FAQs and How Tos, they agreed work together on that. I'll create a metakgp page for FAQs and then they can ask people to fill it up etc. I also talked about having a IIT B's ITSP like program in KGP, there was some skepticism on the lines of "people who wants to work find opportunities somehow" and "Institute will not be supportive of". We agreed to plan it out in more detail and run an informal pilot program this winter.

-- Hargup (talk) 00:03, 16 August 2016 (IST)