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MetaX is the place for experimental ideas, useful hacks, and quirky projects, and cool feats of engineering, that push the boundaries of how we live and interact in KGP. Anyone interested is encouraged to approach the project maintainers for more information, and for ideas to contribute.

An up to date list of all available projects with their mentors and technologies they use are available in the google sheet: MetaKGP Undertakings.

Deployed[edit source]

Name Description Links Maintainers Status
GYFT GYFT gets your timetable from ERP and adds it to your Google Calendar or gives you an ICS file which you can add in any common calendar application. GYFT Ashwinpra Completed.
MFQP MFQP is a search tool on the library's previous year question papers website. MFQP

source code

Athityakumar Up to date till Autumn 2016
MCMP Given a research project MCMP finds the professor who works on that. MCMP does

that by scraping the professor pages on the institute website.


source code

Hargup Ongoing

TODO: Website cleanup

MFTP MFTP subscribes to CDC notifications and posts every one of them to a google group. MFTP Google Group

source code

Proffapt Deployed
MFQP Source Crowdsourced question paper collection drive MFQP Source

source code

Icyflame Completed
BlackJack A bot to add previous year grade distribution to course pages source code Arun Patro Completed
Naarad Naarad subscribes to news feed from important pages related to IIT Kharagpur and serves them. The idea is to save your time. And yes, get content to update metakgp wiki. Naarad

source code

Ayushgoyal.iitkgp Deployed.
WIMP Wimp supplies with a prof's timetable Deployed Here

source code

themousepotato Deployed.
Kronos Kronos provides past grades for almost all courses. Deployed Here

source code

Proffapt Deployed.
Chillzone Chillzone provides rooms to relax at Nalanda. Deployed Here

source code

Chirag Ghosh Deployed.
TWERP TWERP is a bot that makes it easy to make bulk edits to the Wiki. source code Ayushk4



In progress[edit source]

Name Description Links Maintainers Status
metacandy A nice flat, minimal skin for Metakgp. Forked and modified from the BRLCAD theme. source code Avjit Ghosh Ongoing
Sanjay Sanjay tracks the location of buses in KGP through GPS and gives you their expected time of arrival. Abhishek Ongoing
Illu Bot An autonomous bot that keeps going around 2.2. Codename "MFB". Dementor Abandoned. Hardware purchased with Technology Robotix Society
Youtube Cache A local distributed local Youtube Cache for IIT Kharagpur to reduce querying of Youtube Videos on every request. Sanyam Aggarwal abandoned, new maintainer needed
Sparrow A lightweight DC client with a web interface. source code Amrav Alpha release expected by end-May 2016
Kingdoms of Kgp A Kharagpurised Strategy Game based on Hall, GC, Elections. Nuwanda Abandoned
Active Wiki Contributor A scripts which looks for the top 3 contributors of the metakgp wiki over the past seven days and then posts their names from our facebook page at 12:00 PM on Monday. Ayush Web scraping part is completed by @nishnik and @shivani is currently working on it

Ideas[edit source]

Name Description Links Proposers Status
Drone tour of IIT Kharagpur With the help of Aerial Robotics Kharagpur, a drone tour of IIT Kharagpur is being made by taking images/videos from a drone and then stitching them together to make a navigable tour of IIT Kharagpur. Dementor
KGP Travel Planner A web and phone app to crowd-source all travel plans of student within the campus so that sharing can be made easy and convenient. Hargup
KGP Complaint Portal A web based portal where anyone can file complaint related to almost anything from ERP related problems to basic cleanliness problems in the campus. We can also use to digitise hall related complaints. Ayush Completed by institute at
  • ""Have an ERP auth"
  • Put all Central Government Laws on WikiSource, many of the laws are available at Law Ministry's Website. Write a script to download all the acts, convert them to plaintext then to wikitext and then to put them on wikisource. `pdftotext` with `-layout` flag should work well, alternatively you can also use calibre's `ebook-convert`. For some really old Act you might have to use OCR. Make sure you put the code on github, choose some good name for the project and take credit for it. -- Hargup (talk) 00:35, 8 September 2016 (IST)
Update: PRS has also a project called "Laws of India", where they have all the laws in pdf, they also have the laws of all the states. It looks like they also want to provide a plaintext version of the laws but lack the required technical skill. -- Hargup (talk) 00:49, 8 September 2016 (IST)
Update 2: I have written a script and downloaded all the pdfs from the lawsofindia website. Code. There are some 5 thousand documents and I uploaded some 3K of them to using its cli tool during. Unfortunately the cli tool is not working properly behind insti proxy so I have to either patch the tool or use something like sshuttle. -- Hargup (talk) 23:29, 22 October 2016 (IST)