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Server Specifications[edit source]

The metakgp wiki is running on a single Digital Ocean droplet with 1 GB RAM, a 50 GB SSD, and a single CPU.

Software Setup[edit source]

Server Architecture
Server Architecture

Why ngnix?[edit source]

Caching[edit source]

Backup[edit source]

HTTPS[edit source]

Health Monitor and Warning Signs[edit source]

Useful commands[edit source]

  • free -h  : Gives brief RAM usuage.
  • htop  : Monitor system properties.
  • df -h  : Get disk usage.
  • du -hs  : Get size of the folder
  • who -a  : Lists all the users who are currently logged in
  • last -ia  : Summary of login details. List who logged in, when , from where etc.
  • sudo ufw status : List all the ports allowed/blocked

Glossary[edit source]

  • CF: Cloud Flare, it is a content delivery system which we use to provide HTTPS protection to our users, as a perk we also get an additional layer of cache with them.
  • DB: Data Base (MySQL in our case)
  • NGNIX: A lightweight web server which we are using instead of Apache
  • PHP-FPM: FastCGI Process Manager for PHP
  • MW: Media Wiki the main software that runs the wiki
  • WM: Wiki Media Commons, we use it to save our media files
  • Vanish: The caching software that we use.
  • P: Parsoid

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