Metakgp:SysAdmin/2018-03-14 Downtime due to unset variable in LocalSettings.php

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Report[edit source]

  1. User:Amrav reported the downtime on Slack at 15:33 GMT+5.5.
  2. Wiki was fixed and back online at 16:20 GMT+5.5

Changes made by: User:Icyflame

Problem[edit source]

The configuration variable $wgMFDefaultSkinClass was not set inside mediawiki/LocalSettings.php

Steps to the solution[edit source]

  1. Set the variable $wgShowExceptionDetails to true inside mediawiki/LocalSettings.php; docker-compose build; Pull down all containers; Remove the mediawiki_volume; Bring all the containers up
  2. Now, navigating to the MainPage on mobile showed the error. This error clearly mentioned the problem with the unset variable. The error already existed on a forum
  3. Set the required variable in the LocalSettings.php file; build new images; bring down all the containers; remove the mediawiki volume; bring all the containers up. At this point, the issue was fixed.