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Badminton is one of the 13 sports which is a part of the General Championship during Inter IIT Sports Meet. All the IITs have indoor facilities for successful conduction of the matches during the tournament. The sport sees participation from all 17 IITs in both men’s and women’s format.[1]

This court is located in the Technology Students' Gymkhana at IIT Kharagpur

Format of Play[edit | edit source]

The playoff format follows a best-of-series throughout the competition with 5 and 3 games for men’s and women’s respectively. Each game is a best of 3 sets of 21 points each.  All matches are played using Yonex AS2 feather shuttle and a player from a team can’t play in more than 2 matches.[1] This means that a minimum of 2 players in the women’s team and 4 players in the men’s team is needed. The order of matches is as follows:

Men’s: Women’s
1st Match: Singles 1st Match: Singles
2nd Match: Singles 2nd Match: Doubles
3rd Match: Doubles 3rd Match: Reverse Singles
4th Match: Reverse singles
5th Match: Doubles

Infrastructure[edit | edit source]

IIT Kharagpur houses 5 badminton courts, all located in the Technology Students' Gymkhana building. The courts are located beside the Axis Bank ATM. One of the courts is booked solely for girls to encourage them to participate in physical activities.[1] Non-marking shoes are mandatory for playing in all the courts. A temporary coach is hired generally after Durga Puja holidays till Inter IIT for the team.[1]

Office Bearers[edit | edit source]

The current administrative positions held by officials in the Gymkhana are:[2]

  • Secretary Badminton: Akash Kumar
  • General Secretary, Sports and Games : Ayush gurjar, Spandana Silla

Trials for Inter IIT[edit | edit source]

An ongoing match - Women's Open IIT 2015
Final of Open IIT 2015 - Men's: Saket vs. Abhishek

Inter IIT probables are selected on the basis of their performance in Open IIT badminton, which is held in the month of September at IIT Kharagpur. Approximately 6 -8 girls and 11-15 boys are listed as probables. These are the trained by the temporary coach to undergo rigorous training and daily practice of approximately 3-4 hours.  A one-on-one match against each other towards mid November finalizes on 2/3 girls and 5 boys for the Inter IIT team.[1]

Past Performance[edit | edit source]

Year Event Location Team Result
2014 50th Inter IIT sports meet IIT Bombay Men's team: Ashwin, Saket, Pankaj, Bhargava, Pratyush Quarter-finalists[3]
2014 50th Inter IIT sports meet IIT Bombay Women's team: Anushka, Niharika, Ruhika Silver medalists[3]
2013 49th Inter IIT sports meet IIT Guwahati Men's team: Ashwin, Bhargava, Pankaj, Piplobratyush Bronze medalists[4]
2013 49th Inter IIT sports meet IIT Guwahati Women's team: Anushka, Ruhika Bronze medalists[4]

Team Lineup[edit | edit source]

2014 Team[edit | edit source]

Women’s Men's
Anushka Gupta (Captain, 50th Inter IIT) (CH '16) Ashwin Kumar (ME '17)
Ruhika Darbare (MT '17) Saket Thavanani (MT '17)
Niharika Singh (CE '16) Pankaj Agarwal (AR '15)
Velpuri Bhargava (Captain, 50th Inter IIT) (CH '15)
Pratyush Devliyal (NA '16)

2013 Team[edit | edit source]

IIT Kharagpur Badminton team picture for the 49th edition at IIT Guwahati after both men and women team bagged bronze medals.
Women’s Men's
Anushka Gupta (CH '16) Ashwin Kumar (ME '17)
Ruhika Darbare (MT '17) Saket Thavanani (MT '17)
Biplob Rana (ME '14)
Pankaj Agarwal (AR '15)
Velpuri Bhargava (CH '15)

2012 Team[edit | edit source]

Men's Women's
Raj Patel Mallika Prasad (AG '15)
Asit Godbole Mekala Krishnaveni
Kislaya Dubey
Ashwin Kumar (ME '17)
Biplob Rana (ME '14)

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