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Pranit Bauva

Ph No: +91 9932433282

Email: [email protected]

Hall: MS Hall

Maintainer of MetaKGP

March 13th, 2017


I haven’t been a regular contributor but I have a few commits here and there on some repositories. I have some edits on the wiki too.

Projects Managed/Started

None. I was quite busy this year with other activities in campus. Though I would be really looking forward to maintain some abandoned projects.

Vision of MetaKGP

I see MetaKGP as a community where one can find awesome and interested people to kick off a personal project, learn lots of different skills, and get a good audience to launch their project for the KGP junta. I also see MetaKGP’s wiki as a knowledge hub wherein the senior batches can pass the knowledge to their junior batches without much loss of knowledge. The major focus of MetaKGP should be to craft quality projects (in terms of code, usability, and impact) which can be used by the current as well as the future batches of IIT KGP. I also see MetaKGP as a central body where people from diverse backgrounds can come together and share knowledge.


  1. Just Talk about metaKGP: We should encourage all metaKGP members to talk more about what they are doing as a part of metaKGP, what it is and more things. The biggest problem that we are facing is that not a lot of people know about this. People are always willing to share their knowledge (especially KGP junta) but they just need that spark. Slipping the name metaKGP in various occasions just casually is actually the way to do this rather than “keeping a meeting to discuss about metaKGP”. For eg. When I meet a group of people for dinner or beer, I can just slip into the conversation in that “I am working on XXX project because I wanted to learn a new thing which will also help other KGP junta”. Especially when interacting with juniors, this is really important. The junior batches want to work with senior batches and this is a extremely good opportunity for interaction. This will of course have much bigger impact than more wiki edits or more people using our project. It will also motivate people to look into the hoods (and when they do that, I am pretty sure they will like the whole idea) which can in turn help us with lots of more things.

Plan as a Maintainer

Increase the reach of our projects

Currently our mfqp project has a good reach but our other projects are only used a very few people outside our community. Reaching out to the masses is extremely important in order for the project to create a big impact.

More editathons

There is nothing called as “too much knowledge”. I will focus on having more editathons. In fact just having more editathons isn’t really enough, we should also have more people involved in those editathons.

If we have like 1 per month next semester, then I guess we will be easily able to have 3 at least (considering mid sem, end sem, and DP break). Let's say we manage to pull off 6 hrs (of direct writing time) then we can easily generate content of 3-5 pages (ie. 1000 words). And let's say 15 people attend it then around 15,000 words per editathon. So in the next semester we can have around 50,000 words added in our wiki.

In the next three months (which would be in summers), I don't think I will be accurately able to determine, since there are varied burdens in different internships and there is still some communication gap.

Involving new junior batches

It is very important to involve the new junior batches into the metaKGP community right from the start otherwise we will soon fall short of enthusiastic people. Right now, there are extremely few 2nd and 3rd years involved and soon if actions aren’t taken, this will create a void which will result in deterioration of the whole project. The new freshers are always quite enthusiastic and we could really tap that resource.

Getting non-programmers interested in metaKGP

As of right now, we generally don’t attract people outside the “programmers” community of KGP. Since metaKGP isn’t really restricted to just programmers, we should make efforts to involve other people too in our day to day activities.

Other useful Information

I actually have a lot on my plate for the coming semester. I will be quite free in my 6th semester. I am in Robotix, Swarm and KOSS. I had a talk with Harsh about it and I informed him that it would be good if you could find a replacement for me.

This semester and the coming, I have more of managerial job roles and being the maintainer would add in those. I would really prefer to code more this and coming semester. After my 5th semester, I would be more than happy to pick up a managerial job role.

Public Comments

I'm using SCAMP guidelines to rate parts of the proposal.

Just Talk about metaKGP

Measurable: 1.5 After the term is over hard to agree upon if you have "talked about metaKGP"

Aligned: 2.5 The aim of the proposal is to increase the reach of metakgp and get new people. The impact can be high if those get deeply involved then the impact of this proposal can be very high but getting people deeply involved needs much more than just talking about metakgp. Hence, the proposal is weakly impactful if done properly.

Coherence: 3.5 The proposal is simple and have given enough details.

Calibrated: 1 doesn't talk about fail scenarios and doesn't discuss why "just talking about metakgp" might not be enough.

Magic: 2.5 Its fine

All the four plans, increasing reach of metakgp, more editathons, involving new junior batches, getting non-programmers interested in metaKGP, have a basic weakness that they don't discuss how you will do the proposed thing. Also there are no measurable goals and discussion about why the current problem exist. Here is what you should do:

If you think we should get more non-programmers, talk to some non-programmers and find out why they don't participate in metakgp. Similarly talk to 2nd and 3rd years who are involved and figure out how did they get involved and maybe reproduce the process, also talk with other 2 and 3rd years, who know about metakgp and ask what's stoping them from getting involved in metakgp. Based on this feedback form your strategy. Right now these plans are just an aim.

-- Hargup (talk) 18:44, 19 March 2017 (IST)