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I am Rameshwar Bhaskaran, a third year student of the department of Computer Science and Engineering. I have been associated with MetaKGP for almost a year now( zorroblue is my nick).

I made a few contributions to MetaKGP. I made MetaBot as part of a hackathon, which is now a project under MetaKGP of which I am one of the maintainers. I have written small scripts related to web-scraping in my initial days. On the wiki, I made a few edits on the BARC page and have a basic understanding of how the wiki editing works for a layman. Along with Harsh, I tried holding a meeting with the Gymkhana and societies like BARC on how to use the wiki. However it didn't materialise due to lack of follow-up from both sides.

MetaKGP has to be one of the best groups in KGP where actual work is done and the participation is open to all. All of us members would want it to remain that way always. I don't see many people using it except for mfqp before exams, so I think we should make more people aware of what we are and we do.

These are my ideas which I'll try to do (irrespective of whether I end up being a maintainer or not)

1. I am working on a cab sharing platform for Inter IIT right now. I'll try to make it a full-fledged project under MetaKGP.

2. Organising an intro seminar next year(preferrably in the Autumn sem) . This is something which most members of MetaKGP want, so I'll try co-ordinating with fellow members in making a seminar and introduce Kgpians to MetaKGP and its projects.

3. I want to bring in a better attribution system to project contributors. It can be a wiki page with a list of contributors too. Recognition is an important driving force for most contributors and this can help increase contribution to our projects.

4. We can organise the meeting with the Gymkhana and "teach" them how to use the wiki. So GC events can be updated directly by them.


Before considering to vote for me, I also want to tell that I am quite busy this semester with the hectic course work and other commitments , so I might not be able to work to my full potential this sem. I think I need to tell this before you consider voting for me :)

Public Comments

To summarize, you have four proposals:

  1. Cab sharing portal
  2. Intro Seminar
  3. Better Attribution system for wiki
  4. Teaching Gymkhana how to use wiki

Cab sharing portalis also discussed by Arun. As I told him, you should do a survey of existing open source cab sharing portal and figure out why and why/not they fulfil our needs. Additionally, please do all the development in open, that is, rather than presenting the product after it is done, keep it open and engage the community right from the beginning. I know this can be somewhat uncomfortable but I believe this will be better for the product and the for the community.

Naresh also discussed conducting an intro seminar to increase the reach of metakgp. My comments are same, think about how will you do the publicity for the event and how will you manage to the get the slot.

Better Attribution System for wiki: I'm glad you brought this up. Right now the attribution is mainly in the history section which I guess no one looks into. In some "How to" articles we have manually added the names of contributors, and we tagged the authors while announcing the page. We also a Contribution Scores page, but it sits in a obscure corner of the wiki. You can try having a "Contributor of the month" kind of thing to attract more contributors.

Teaching Gymkhana how to use wiki: Along with this you should try to build a system where updating GC score on metakgp becomes formal or informal duty of the gymkhana secys, then teaching them how to use wiki will be very valuable.

-- Hargup (talk) 19:50, 19 March 2017 (IST)