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Sayan Sinha
[email protected]

About me

My name is Sayan Sinha. I am a first year undergrad at IIT Kharagpur. My slack (and Github) handle: @americast

I was introduced to metaKGP by my mentor soon after coming to KGP. Since then, I have tried to remain in the major discussion of the meta-X projects so that I could be of help, whenever required. I also became the top contributor of metaKGP during Kharagpur Winter of Code 2016.

Here are the links to some of my contributions: -

Outside metaKGP, I am a member of Kharagpur Open Source Society (KOSS), Kharagpur RoboSoccer Students’ Group (KRSSG) and Swarm Robotics.

Vision for metaKGP

According to me metaKGP is a medium through which KGPians can satisfy their hunger of giving back to KGP and KGPians. This is achieved by sharing information via the metaKGP wiki or assisting in the form of code in various meta-X projects. Not only that, metaKGP believes in making such codes open source so that every one can collaborate and become a part of the community.

MetaKGP does not have the concept of joining or leaving . Anyone can become a part of it by their contributions. Hence, the association of metaKGP contributors is loose . It is supposed to be that way. But, a strong bond among a few people, which is required to keep it moving at all times, is what metaKGP lacks. I hope we will be able to make this up with the election of maintainers. It will help to keep some people responsible for whatever is happening around, all the time.

As for the future, I wish to see metaKGP become a word of mouth in IIT KGP.

Plans and proposals as a maintainer

Popularise metaKGP

MetaKGP is not that popular among KGPians. Most freshers and post-graduates haven't even heard of metaKGP.

Possible solutions:

a. I believe conducting events makes a community popular. Hence, I would recommend conducting a Hackday within a month after freshers OP, with elaborately designed posters, illustrating clearly what a Hackday is.

b. Making metaKGP popular in social media with assistance from other popular groups/societies in KGP. They could help us by popularising metaKGP on social media and by enrolling their societies into various metaKGP projects (like Naarad and Calendar (upcoming)).

c. Conducting Hackdays more regularly. We can also conduct other events like an overnight Hackathon.

Moreover, metaKGP should not be introduced as a "society" to newcomers. It should be made clear that it is a community which anyone can be a part of.

MetaKGP services should never go down

In case of an inevitable failure, bringing the service back to life should be the first priority. This may be achieved by:

a. Dedicating one Hackday to error handling.

b. Giving few more people the right to fix internal issues.

Have elaborate plans for meta-X projects

Minimum achievable goal

Here are some of them:

a. Automate mfqp: Upload paper after selecting the subject from a dropdown list in mfqp itself.

b. Increase contents of the wiki: This may be achieved using give-aways. I believe contributing to the wiki is the easiest way one can contribute to metaKGP. And, the time- frame set for contribution should be small, and this should be repeated every month.

c. Release Naarad v2: Have a strict deadline for Naarad v2.

d. Make gyft more usable: This can be achieved by integrating the features of gyft with other projects like Naarad, metaBot or a cross-platform application. This may also be achieved by putting up gyft on the web from where the other projects may make use of it.

Get a professor to guide metaKGP

Currently, metaKGP is a student-only body. Having a professor in the group can be important as (s)he can help us in official matters like booking rooms etc, and (s)he can also help us reach out to other faculty members. Moreover, we shall be forced to get our work done in time if we promise the professor a deadline. This will help bring about a motivation for our work.

Develop the metaKGP website

This is in context with the Github page of metaKGP. I guess it requires more development so that one can learn more about metaKGP at a glance.

My contact information

Hall: Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall of Residence

Personal email: [email protected]

Institute email: [email protected]


Phone: 9433614242

Public comments

Popularize metaKGP

a. is certainly useful and doable b. can be hard to pull off, think about why would a society assist us in publicity (not to say they won't), answering why can help you formulate strategies for collaboration. In c. define "more regularly", weekly/biweekly/monthy

MetaKGP services should never go down

"never" is a very strong word, even very popular commercial services like Amazon Web Services and Github goes down. The steps proposed to reduce down time are very vague and I believe largely unhelpful by large. To make a better case about your proposed solution think about the cases where some of metakgp services have gone down and illustrate how applying your solutions would have helped.

Also talk about why do you think increase the availability of metakgp services is important.

(more comments coming in some time)

-- Hargup (talk) 20:15, 19 March 2017 (IST)